How to do a drain cleaning? Everything you need to know

From SCS Group Cleaning Solution we are going to make your life easier by facing the most feared household task: drain cleaning. If we are a little careful and clean the drains weekly, we will not have clogging problems, but since we leave everything for last, unclogging a drain is a problem. In this post, we are going to give you a solution.

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 Tricks so that the drains do not clog

 It is very important to know that we can solve the clogging problem and from here we are going to give you some tricks to unclog so that the drains do not clog.

  • Do not let food remains, debris, hair, or other objects that could cause the jam to get in. For this, there are some grids to prevent the drains from clogging.
  • Use hot water. This trick is very good to unclog the sink.
  • Do not throw used oil down the sink. To have a proper drain cleaning, you must avoid pouring oil down the sink, since the oil stays stuck to the sink pipes.

If what we want is not to spend money, we can make our own homemade plunger. For this we have to use:

  • Sodium bicarbonate.
  • Vinegar

The amounts for each time we want to have a perfect drain cleaning will be half a glass of each product. 

How to do a drain cleaning?

There are some steps that we should all follow, here we leave you how a good drain cleaning should be carried out.

  • Drain cleaning should always be done after dinner, before going to bed, so that the product that we add acts throughout the night.
  • We can pour boiling water before pouring the products in order to unclog the pipes better.
  • After throwing all the products to unclog, it is very important to use a manual plunger. This will help us finally get the result we want.
  • Clean the symphonic pot, usually found in bathrooms, on the floor. With a glove, we must remove the remains that are normally from our hair. This will achieve perfect drain cleaning.

What to do if we have to unclog the drain?

If what we want is to go deeper into our drain cleaning, we must unclog the drain in order to avoid bad odors.

We tell you from SCS Group how to unclog toilets effectively. Take note!

There are several unclogging products on the market with which to clean the drains, this time it will be our toilet. But, they are usually expensive products and in the face of complicated traffic jams, they are not very effective.

The solution is to use home methods and above all free.

Different methods to unclog a toilet

  • The mop trick:

All we need is a mop and a plastic bag. What we should do is tie the plastic bag on the mop, in such a way that the mop would be inside the bag. We introduce the utensil that we have manufactured in the drain and make movements in and out. Repeat these movements until our drain is unblocked.

  • Liquid dishwashing detergent:

With this product, what we achieve is to dissolve the fat accumulated by the jam. It comprises introducing the detergent into the drain and then pouring hot water with soap, leaving it to act for 20 minutes. And ready!

  • Bleach:

We introduce the bleach into the toilet and let it act for about 30 minutes and check that we unclogged it.

  • Using a manual plunger:

The plunger generates a vacuum in the drain that presses all the waste to remove the blockage. We place the plunger in the toilet’s hole and we make movements up and down until leaving real cleanliness of drains.

  • The hanger trick:

We stretch the hanger, and immediately afterward we introduce it through the toilet we will make circular movements until we unclog the drain.

 How to unclog the pipes? Here are 8 proven methods.

We are convinced that by applying these tricks you will do a complete drain cleaning as if you were a professional.

  1. There are many products out there on the market to do the job, you only have to choose the price you want to spend on a wide variety of products.
  2. Boiling water is the star plunger for cleaning drains. With only this element we will unblock your pipes.
  3. Introducing about 5 tablespoons of baking soda and a glass of vinegar into your pipes, you are going to achieve the drain cleaning that you have so long for.
  4. The manual plunger is a classic in our homes, and cannot be missing when cleaning drains.
  5. Caustic soda is a very effective method, however, we need to be very careful since this product is very corrosive. After pouring the caustic soda, we will pour boiling water and let it rest. 
  6. This trick comprises inserting a wire to collect the residue that has caused the jam.
  7. We will try to lubricate the walls of the pipe with soap so that the grease will slide.
  8. We add 3 tablespoons of salts through the pipe and a glass of vinegar. A reaction will occur between these two products after a few minutes. Then pour cold water to completely clean the drain.


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