What is the most efficient way to clean the dust in the home?

  Within the routine tasks of the home, cleaning the dust is one of the most boring jobs but essential to keep the house in good hygienic conditions, eliminating harmful agents such as mites, and achieving an image of comprehensive cleanliness.

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The main reason dusting is such a tedious task is the short duration of the results.

Surely you are with us in that after entertaining yourself for a long time in removing, cleaning the dust, and placing again all the decorative objects that you have on shelves, and other horizontal surfaces, after two or three days, your effort is ruined with a new layer of dirt.

That is why from SCS Group as specialists in professional cleaning, we are going to provide you with tips to clean the dust efficiently and to prolong the results for a longer time, take note!

Cleaning dust more effectively and prolonging results

When cleaning the dust, we must take something fundamental into account, such as the order of the tasks.

Given that when dust particles are removed from any surface, they spread through the air and then fall again on all horizontal planes, logic forces us to always start with the highest parts where we are going to work.

In this way: in daily tasks, first, clean the upper part of shelves, pictures, mirrors, and other surfaces, leaving the parts on the lowest levels for last.

  1. When cleaning floors, avoid using long bristle brooms that raise dust in suspension again, using dust mops, rubber fiber brooms, or directly vacuuming, so that the dust does not change. Only of place.
  2. Using particle-repellent cleaning products, cloths that trap dirt, and specific items to remove dust are currently perfect allies for obtaining longer-lasting results.

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Although it may seem like a contradiction, cleaning the dust frequently helps to prevent it from settling in large quantities.

That is why even if you do not feel a great vacation for activities related to cleaning the home, it is essential to work more deeply from time to time, removing all objects from surfaces, while daily, or on alternating days, maintenance can be done. Quickly with the use of a feather duster.

But do not forget to always follow the order that we have mentioned before!

When you go to clean the dust in-depth, remove the dirt with a microfiber dust catcher cloth, to prevent it from spreading, and when performing the wet operation it can scratch the wood or other delicate surfaces.

Then you must apply one of the many products that exist to repel dust with a clean cloth. Thus prolong the results that you will only have to maintain with the duster until the next deep cleaning.

If there is someone allergic at home, it is best to avoid the use of textiles and porous surfaces that can absorb dust more easily.

Here, “yes or yes”, clean the dust more frequently and do it with a moistened system as we do cleaning companies in hospitals, nursing homes, or schools and nurseries.

To do this, apply a cleaning product on a cloth, which is suitable for each type of surface, and remove the dust in short passes, turning the cloth as often as needed to collect all the dirt, preventing it from spreading.

  1. Small cracks and crevices are places that are difficult to access when cleaning, so a good solution is to use brushes, brushes, or even toothbrushes to adapt the tool to any space when cleaning dust.
  2. Work as a professional cleaning service does, or hourly cleaning, organizing everything you will need in a basket, or any other container in which you include rags, cloths, dusters, sprays, and others, to avoid continuous displacement interrupting and prolonging the task.
  3. And try to work hard when cleaning the dust, to finish faster, and not to miss any area with distractions.
  4. Before starting, gain strength by thinking that ” cleanliness is the greatest luxury” as well as a very healthy habit.

But if after putting our tips and tricks into practice, “you feel it is beyond your strength” to have to clean the dust, along with the rest of the hygiene tasks, leave that obligation in our hands by contracting our home cleaning services in Sydney and the rest of your Community.

At SCS Group Cleaning we have a totally trustworthy staff and extensive experience in many à la carte cleaning, which allows us to adjust costs and times in a very effective way to offer you the best value for money.

Do you want to contact us now with no commitment?

Take a load off yourself and surprise yourself with everything we can do for you!

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