Why Smartphone Battery Draining Fast? And it’s Solution

Are you looking for a solution to battery draining fast? We all use our devices for a long duration of time on a daily basis to accomplish all the tasks. Due to long hour usage or some mistakes causes the Smartphone battery drainage issue. Every year Smartphone manufacturers develop better technology phone batteries but our demands are increasing day by day. We need to use all the useful features of Smartphones and applications to complete all things in a quick manner. These new updated features make your life easier and also deplete your iPhone 6s battery.

You are reading this blog means you are in the same situation but don’t worry we guide you. In this article, we are going to tell you all practically proven tips that really help you a lot.

Reasons of Smartphone Battery Draining Fast

  • The phone’s operating system has become obsolete.
  • Extreme temperature changes have an impact on your phone and battery.
  • In the background, there are far too many programs.
  • The battery is being depleted by too many push messages and alarms.
  • There are too many apps running location services.
  • Before going to sleep, the screen is left on for much too long.
  • There is no service on the phone.
  • The display is far too bright.

Tips to Eliminate the Issue of Phone’s Battery Draining

  1. Reduce the Number of Push Notifications

In today’s busy life notifications keep you informed about everything from breaking news to food delivery information. But, if you act too many alerts, your Android battery will be depleted in near future. It is suggested to disable the push notifications from the not used apps.

  1. Change the Settings for Your Location Services

We usually use the GPS system for the phone’s location services capability that helps you with navigation. But if you do not deactivate the location services after using them, it can drain your battery. In addition to this, these apps are running in the background while you aren’t using them.

  1. Reduction in Background Activity

You should reduce the background activities or apps. Many times even after you’ve closed apps such as Facebook and Instagram, they continue to search for the changes. These applications refresh the information, and send notifications in the background, draining your phone battery.

  1. Change the Brightness of Your Screen

The brightness of the mobile screen is one of the major aspects of draining the battery. You should reduce the brightness of your screen to save energy and prevent your battery from depleting. This will also help you for preventing the burn-in on your screen, which can lead to irreparable damage.

  1. Change the Timeout Settings on Your Screen

You should configure the short period of time for your phone screen timeout. This is really important to consider how much time passes before your screen goes to sleep. It is recommended to fix the shorter time intervals between sleep cycles to save battery life.

  1. Check for Updates to the Operating System

Every app development company provides updates to their user. By using an out-of-date operating system will potentially deplete your phone’s battery. So you should update your application on a periodic basis. This will not only improves efficiency but also add security to your phone.

  1. Extreme Temperature Protection for Your Phone

Temperature is an important factor to consider because leaving your phone at an extremely hot temperature can drain your phone’s battery. Moreover, it will cause overheating and exploding, endangering your safety. So you have to keep your gadget at normal temperature.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you should keep your phone safe if you want to use it for the long term. After implementing the above all tips you can easily remove the issue of phone battery draining. If we give a little time to our device on daily basis to do maintenance you will get benefits in the future.

Thanks for reading!

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