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Wood Or Metal Bed Frame-How To Choose?

Wood & Metal Bed Frame, Which one more better?


If you have found yourself in a dilemma of choosing between a wooden or metal bed frame, then you need to read this article out.

Both wood and metal bed frames have their own advantages and disadvantages which will help you choose the best one according to your requirements.

Manufacturers have been producing different types of materials for making the beds since years. They are selecting from various options such as metals, wood, stone, concrete etc. But among all these, both metal and wooden beds are the most popular ones. In fact, majority of them prefer buying these two materials because they can be used along with any type of bedroom interior design theme. Moreover, no matter what style you apply in your bedroom, whether it is traditional or modern both these beds will fit in to the theme.

There are several types of wooden beds available for example canopy wood bed, sleigh wooden bed etc. They differ in shapes, sizes and designs. Besides that, they also come with different prices. But if you want to buy a good quality wood bed then go for solid hardwood which is expensive than other woods but they last longer than any other wooden type material. On the other hand, metal beds come in different styles such as iron sleigh bed or wrought iron sleigh bed which can easily match your bedroom interior décor. In fact there are several advantages of using a metal bed as compared to wooden bed. They are lightweight, strong and durable which indirectly increases the life of the bed frame. Moreover, you can also save your money because these beds come with different price range.

Now it is time to answer the main question that which one more better? Metal or Wooden Bed Frame? Both these materials have their own pros and cons so it totally depends on you what type of single metal bed frame do you want for your bedroom. Besides that, there are certain things that will help you choose the right one such as budget, size etc. If a wooden bed will go well with your interior décor then go for it else if not then select a metal bed which has lots of style options available along with their price which you can easily afford.


Now, let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of Metal & Wood Bed Frame…

A. Pros of the Wooden Bed Frame




Wooden bed frames are much more sturdier than metal bed frames. Although metal is stronger than wood on its own, in the context of a bed frame, the hardwood bed frame triumphs.

Wooden bed frames are constructed with a thicker substance and more robust support mechanisms. For instance, Quagga Designs’ Flex bed frame utilises a unique V-shaped leg design to absorb weight in a manner that metal bed frames cannot.




Wooden bed frames are often more adjustable than metal ones. Since each piece of wood can be custom-shaped to fit specific needs, wood is the way to go if you need a nonstandard mattress support system. The truly cool thing about wooden bed frames is that they are completely customizable. You may even cut the pieces to your preference if you have a saw at home. Want to customise the stain or paint job on your wooden bed frame? That should not be an issue. Simply visit your local Home Depot, pick up some paint brushes, and you’re on your way to creating a very unique and personalised bed frame.




If you’re deciding between metal and wood as the more sustainable alternative, wood wins. Certain bed frame manufacturers use FSC certified wood. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This ensures that the wood is cultivated and harvested ethically and that it is replenished.



B. Cons of the Wooden Bed Frame




Wood is often heavier than metal, which makes it more difficult to carry (if you are a frequent mover) and may make assembly more complex. Additionally, if you’re concerned about scratching your floor, a wood bed frame may not be the ideal choice. However, a smart compromise is to place felt under your furniture (available at Home Depot or Walmart) or to purchase an old rug.


Fire Hazard


As is the case with many wooden items, it is critical to avoid placing anything combustible on or near a wooden bed frame to prevent it from catching fire. Despite the fact that this is a problem, there are probably already a number of items in your home that are prone to catching fire, so this should not be a major issue.


A. Pros of the Metal Bed Frame




Metal bed frames are often lighter than timber bed frames. Indeed, some metal bed frames are equipped with wheels, ensuring that mobility is never a problem. If you love rearranging furniture and renovating your space, or if you move often, this may be the best solution for you.




Which would you select if you were in a sword battle and had to choose between a metal or a wood sword? I’m sure you can guess what my response would be: metal. Metal is unquestionably stronger and more robust than wood, which means it will likely survive longer. Additionally, it can support a greater weight than a wood bed frame.


Less Maintenance


One of the finest features of a metal bed frame is its low maintenance requirements. Metal, of course, does not dent or scratch as readily as wood, making it the more appealing alternative in this situation. Additionally, it will not be harmed by termites or other insects (we wrote another blog about termites and how to prevent them).


B. Cons of the Metal Bed Frame




Metal bed frames might potentially increase your exposure to electromagnetic waves and electrical pollution (EMF). This may interrupt your sleep and exacerbate health issues, so it is certainly something you want to avoid if you value your health. Here are a few potential health concerns with which you may come into contact:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Muscle cramps
  • Upset/Depression




In terms of which bed frame squeaks the loudest, I believe the answer is self-evident. Metal on metal will ultimately produce a squeaking noise, impairing your sleep quality (unless you periodically oil your metal bed frame, which I doubt).




Oftentimes, metal bed frames have fragile designs, which results in the mattress not being adequately supported. This is not only inconvenient and impairs the quality of your sleep, but it may also result in back issues.




Thus, the debate continues: should you choose a metal or wood bed frame?


To be honest, the answer is not always straightforward, and it is very dependent on what you are seeking for and what you value most. Is your health a priority for you? Opt for a wooden bed frame. Are you looking for something that is simple to maintain? I’d recommend going with the metal option. If you’re still undecided, go for a bed frame that incorporates both styles! In general, what is my opinion? Personally, I like the aesthetic of wood bed frames. They’re entirely natural, which is healthier for the environment, they’re not prone to squeaking, which means you’ll sleep better, and they’re simple to construct without requiring any fiddly screws or screwdrivers dug out from your garage. At Quagga Designs, you’ll find a long-lasting, simple-to-assemble, and economical wood bed frame.


We appreciate your time spent reading this site! Each one is meticulously crafted to assist you in making educated choices.


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