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Understand the function of your home hepa air purifier

There are many types of working principles of home HEPA air purifier, such as filtration, electrostatic adsorption, chemical reaction, multiple types of combined purification, etc. Filtration refers to the air pumped into the machine by the fan, and the air filtered through the built-in filter screen, which can play a certain filtration role on particles, toxic and harmful gases, and some bacteria.

home hepa air purifier

Chemical reaction refers to the effective purification of indoor air by various chemical reaction technologies, such as silver ion technology, negative ion technology, and photocatalyst technology. Multiple purifications refer to the combination of filtration technology and various chemical reactions. And the existing home HEPA air purifiers mostly use multiple purification technologies.

New requirements for home HEPA air purifiers

The newly revised national standard for home HEPA air purifiers has been officially implemented. The new national standard has been clear about the effect of it purify the effect of several key indicators, namely the CADR value (clean air volume), CCM (cumulative purification rate), energy efficiency and noise standard, CADR value is higher, shows that the faster the purification efficiency, the higher the value of CCM. It shows that the filter element of home HEPA air purifier can purify more pollutants in its life.

These two indicators reflect the purification capacity and purification persistence of home HEPA air purifiers, which is the key to judging the quality of an air purifier.

In addition, specific requirements are also for the applicable area, the release requirements of harmful substances. The evaluation methods of small home HEPA air purifiers, and the evaluation methods of air duct purification devices. Air purifiers purify dirty air and reduce the chance of health problems caused by indoor pollutants. Indoor pollutants can cause respiratory infections, neurological problems or worsen symptoms in people with asthma. High-quality air purifiers can eliminate several indoor air pollutants and keep us healthy.

How should consumers choose the right purification products?

Any air purification device for the purification of pollutants is the important issue, different principles of air purification technology have certain advantages, but there are also limitations.

When choosing an air purification device, we should first determine the purpose of purification. That is, what kind of pollutants to purify. If we aim at PM2.5, the main pollutant of haze, we should choose an effective purifier for PM2.5.

Secondly, choose regular manufacturers. In accordance with the home HEPA air purifier standard verification of effective products (such as reference CADR value, CCM value, etc.). Such as CARD value is 300, applicable bedroom area of 15-30 square meters.

In addition, the actual purification effect of the air purifier is also related to the room area, energy efficiency, operation time, etc. At the same time, the noise generated by the purifier should be a thing to remember, which does not affect the daily rest. The most important thing is to choose one air purifier can suck up floating dust well.

Be aware of secondary pollution of home HEPA air purifiers

If you open the home HEPA air purifier in a closed room for a long time, you need to pay attention to the “secondary pollution” brought by it.

First, the service life of the air purifier purify materials have, use after a period of time, the attach to particulate matter. Or other microorganisms, purification materials saturated, has not the effect of purification. It can make instead of pollutants as the purifier open enter indoor. So should accord to the pollution degree and the timely replacement of purification materials;

Secondly, for the electrostatic adsorption principle of home HEPA air purifiers. There is the risk of ozone generation, and ozone will produce strong stimulation and damage to the respiratory system. The elderly and children are more sensitive to ozone. So it is necessary to pay attention to the increase of ozone concentration may cause adverse reactions to the human body.

In addition, closing the indoor and opening it for a long time. When indoor personnel is large, can cause indoor oxygen, reduce indoor humidity, and noise. These all make the person produces discomfort, so need according to the air pollution situation and the body’s own feelings. Adjust the use time of the home HEPA air purifier, timely opening the window take a breath when necessary.

Canhome HEPA air purifier remove formaldehyde? 

Air purifiers can effectively remove formaldehyde. Most home HEPA air purifiers have a composite filter screen, filter screen has a layer of activated carbon. And it can physically adsorb formaldehyde. There are also screens with chemical components, that can catalyze the decomposition of formaldehyde. But the filter screen needs to be replaced regularly. If the filter screen is not replaced for a long time, the adsorption function may be weakened or even ineffective. So it can not play the role of removing formaldehyde.

1. the home HEPA air purifier can neutralize volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde, benzene, pesticides, and mist hydrocarbons, as well as the harmful gas emitted in the paint.

2. in fact, the removal of formaldehyde technology has been extended for many years. Such as activated carbon filters and cold catalyst filters, and photocatalyst filters. Now activated carbon and cold catalyst, the photocatalyst is not only be in the current home HEPA air purifier. But also some professional formaldehyde removal companies have used these technologies.

  1. But we should pay attention to the adsorption capacity of the filter screen of the home HEPA air purifier for formaldehyde. In most of the filter screens, in the case of high concentrations of formaldehyde. The removal effect is very good, and there is no adsorption capacity when the concentration is certain.
  2. After indoor decoration, decoration materials and furniture will emit formaldehyde. It will pose a threat to health if it enters the human body. The home HEPA air purifier can use a variety of technologies and air filters to filter and decompose formaldehyde in the room. So as to get clean air.


Air purifiers usually consist of a filter, or several filters, and a fan that draws in and circulates air. As air passes through the filter, pollutants and particles are trapped and clean air is pushed back into the living space. Typically, filters are made of paper, fiber (usual fiberglass), or mesh, which need to be replaced periodically to maintain efficiency. For a big house, I recommend you a wifi air purifier.

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