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Vastu Tips for Dining Table Set: 5 Must-Know Tips for Better Placement

When a house is constructed or any apartment is purchased by us, we use to see the right Vastu for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living as it decides our vibe for living at home. According to Vastu, eating in the right direction on your dining table set have some better impact at home and in your life too. It also impacts your relationship with your parents, siblings, and wife. In today’s hustle-bustle, one usually forgets about it. One purchase furniture and just place it at home without concern about Vastu. This is not bad, because the apartments are built after looking in the right direction.

  1. The first important thing to consider is the shape and size of your dining table set. A round and square is the most preferred shape of all than any other shape. Now, it does not mean that rectangular shapes do not work best. A 4 seater dining table is best for homes and apartments that are built-in directions that do not suit you, one can buy that reduces the negative effects.
  2. The shape also reflects your personality. If you buy an oval shape wooden dining table set, it will tell about a soft-hearted nature. A rectangular and square will have sharp end edges such that, a person will be stubborn enough in making a decision.
  3.  Whenever you have guests for dinner a 6 seater dining table will work best. Do not let your guests sit facing a pointing edge of the solid wood dining table set. Another tip to keep in mind is that guests should not face the bathroom door. This sends a negative impression in the mind of your guests. One should be polite enough with their guests, which is not only reflected by the behaviour, but a better seating with a proper serving of dinner tells it all. Not the single thing, but everything works together.
  4. Your dining table chairs should not be placed under a direct beam overhead, it enhances bad vibes and hatred which should not be the thing.
  5. Whenever you serve food to your guests, who are sitting on your dining table chairs. Do not serve in chipped crockery, it will affect your abundance of luck. So, after reading this, you must go to your cabinet and look for the porcelain for chipped or broken crockery and get away with that. Not only serving in a chipped one but keeping one also affects your image of being in front of any guests.
  6. The chairs should provide comfortable support when you and your family sit together. It tells that everyone can sit comfortably to eat food. No one is more or less.
  7. An atmosphere plays an important role in setting a vibe. So, choose one that feels lighter to feel strong, and comfortable to sit. So, a nice Sheesham and mango wood with a lighter tone and finish will work best. And, if you have brighter colour walls contrast it with a darker tone wooden dining table set.
  8.  Choosing napkins for the dining set is another task, one must consider before your guests arrive. The linen for dining in orange and red sets romantic vibes for candlelight dinner at home. To add enthusiasm – choose green, sea green and yellow which reflects the warmness at your home. If formal dinner parties are arranged, then choose grey and white, and blue lines will enhance your interaction with your guests.
  9. It is a myth that placing a carpet under your dining table adds warmth and comfort, but natural floors never let the energy remain stagnant, what comes should go with the guests. Another benefit is easy to clean and maintain.
  10. Add wall art to your dining area, it attracts abundance. If the wall art has any fresh fruits and vegetables on it, it will add energy. A mirror in your dining area will reflect what you are doing while eating. If it looks creepy, you will have a chance to correct it.

So, if you’re looking to buy a new dining table set, consider the above tips as will enhance your buy. And, even if you have the dining set at home, the above tips will help you in both ways. For any unique query, you can search websites online for more.

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