Advantages and Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring

Are you undecided about choosing a floor for your home? Laminate flooring is a board-shaped coating with a digitally printed image of wood on its surface. There are different presentations and shades for this material that has gained popularity over the years in Sydney because of its easy, fast, and economical installation.  

In this opportunity, we will list the advantages and disadvantages of using laminate flooring in homes. Our intention is to help you decide with which you feel comfortable because this flat will accompany you for at least 15 years. Our SCS Group Cleaning Solution cleaning team has the best tools and products for the proper maintenance of the floors in question, if you find yourself in any trouble, ‌contact us!

When choosing what type of coating to use for the floors of your home, it is necessary to analyze different factors, which evaluate both aesthetics and traffic flow. For this reason, laminate flooring has a wide variety of advantages, including a wide range of designs and textures that will add value to your home. Architects usually recommend this type of flooring for interior spaces thanks to the advantages that we mention below.

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However, like all materials, these also have certain disadvantages that will be useful to appreciate when choosing to use them or not, within the spaces that make up your home.

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  • Advantages of laminate flooring
    • Insulating Properties
    • Aesthetic Design
    • Easy installation 
  • Disadvantages of laminate flooring
    • Wood texture and details disappear
    • Humidity intolerance
    • Separations at the point of junction
  • SCS Group Cleaning Solution: Cleaning experts

Advantages of laminate flooring

Insulating Properties

Laminate floors have the great advantage of being Thermo-acoustic insulators, which makes them very useful for homes developed in condominiums where privacy is part of certain privileges that are often not counted on. Vinyl laminate floors are the best option to fulfill this insulating characteristic.

Aesthetic Design

When buying laminate flooring, you will have the advantage of finding a wide variety in terms of visual image, so you almost always get the guarantee of a harmonious and aesthetically rich place. One of the most used types of laminate flooring is wood. They provide elegance and style to many spaces, having an easy installation that makes them accessible to any pocket.

Easy installation 

Laminate floors stand out among the others, for their ease in the installation process. Especially when we talk about floating laminate floors, which are characterized because we can place them on top of an existing floor, as long as it is basically solid and level.

The installation process is quick, initially, a layer of plastic and an insulation layer is added. Because we bonded the planks to each other and not to a subfloor, they rarely require the use of adhesives. We can put together them as puzzles and we are sure that you will find a wide variety of designs, styles, colors, and textures on floating floors.

Disadvantages of laminate flooring


Wood texture and details disappear

Although laminate flooring is very easy to maintain, the secret to its durability lies in daily consistency. So without extensive maintenance and care, laminate flooring can deteriorate. They reflect one of the most common causes of its deterioration because the wood textures ‌disappear, which is not aesthetically pleasing and can only be fixed with a new change of floors.

Humidity intolerance

Special care must be taken with cleaning techniques and the area of ​​the house where you install laminate floors since they are not resistant to moisture, so you should create a waterproofing system in case of direct and constant contact with liquids and even doing it that way the damage is going to be unavoidable.

Separations at the point of junction

The separation or lifting of the corners of the laminate flooring pieces. This is usually one of the biggest disadvantages found in this type of flooring. Poor placement causes all this or because the internal floor environment is not optimal, ‌we did not prepare it in the correct way.

SCS Group Cleaning Solution: Cleaning experts

At SCS Group Cleaning Solution a professional cleaning company in Sydney we have people specially trained to deal with the maintenance of any type of floor, including laminate floors, marble floors, ceramic, terrazzo, parquet, and much more.


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