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Strength Training Vs Bodybuilding: Pros and Cons

We all are aware of this term; Strength training and bodybuilding are very popular terms in the fitness world. However, both of these terms are not the same, and they are entirely different from each other. When you search on the internet about fitness training focusing on muscle, there is a high probability that the above two terms will pop up immediately.

This article will talk about the difference between strength training and bodybuilding. There are lots of pros and cons present in both of these exercises. Both of these processes are not suitable for every individual. Strength training VS Bodybuilding; here, we will discuss which is the better option for you.

To know more, read this article till the end.

Should I strength train or body build?

The answer will be depending on the fitness goal you want to achieve. If you’re going to build muscle resistance, strength training would be appropriate for you. On the other side, bodybuilding is a suitable option for you if you want to increase muscle mass. 

The Pros and Cons of strength training

There are a lot of benefits you will get from strength training; such as:

Improve muscle strength

The first and most obvious benefit of strength training is improving muscle strength. It increases the resilience power of your muscle and consequently increases the overall performance of your force. Strength training allows you to do your daily task easily.

Cardiovascular benefits

Strength training offers the appropriate exercise regime to maintain your heart health. Cardiologists advise doing a minimum of 30 minutes of strength training exercise five days a week, making you healthy and controlling blood pressure.

Improved mechanics

When your objective is to boost the overall strength of your body’s muscles, you may observe that your body posture, Coordination, and entire balance become far better than earlier. Better muscle coordination prevents traumatic injuries. A strength training program is incorporated during the rehabilitation period after any injury. When your body experiences severe trauma, the doctor advises against building muscle in the injured area to repair the damaged muscle and decrease the chance of future injury recurrence.

Manage chronic pain

Chronic pain is the pain that stays above 12 weeks. The strength training program can decrease the area’s sensitivity and reduce the severity of the chronic condition, including back pain and arthritis.

Decrease the chance of osteoporosis

Doing regular strength training enhances your body’s bone mineral density, eventually increasing bone strength. This condition prevents the risk of bones getting fragile due to mineral scarcity, and it is the condition medically termed osteoporosis.

Though there are lots of benefits of doing strength training, here are some downsides you must be aware of before you start;

Slows down the calorie-burning process

A strength training program is not a weight loss program; it is essential to keep in mind that strength training will burn minimal calories and reduce the rate of calorie burning compared to anaerobic exercises.

High chance of injury at the time of exercise

With strength training, you will spend a lot of time repeating movements and lifting heavy weights to push your body to its optimal limits. It means that if your posture and movement are not correct, you may end up with an injury.

The pros and cons of bodybuilding exercise

The basic advantages of bodybuilding exercises are:

Build the important muscle

Bodybuilding assures you with more muscle mass compared to any other exercise if you perform it correctly. Doing it correctly means performing your bodybuilding routine to add the right number of reps and sets to do at the time of each workout session and the perfect diet for bodybuilding as suggested by the fitness coach.

Focus on the nutrition

Bodybuilding exercise is diet oriented or fitness-oriented. Diet is an integral part of bodybuilding training. Following the bodybuilding exercise means eating healthy along with an adequate amount of macro and micronutrients in your diet plan.

Promotes longevity

Research suggests that older people with higher muscle mass live a healthier life than people with less muscle mass. Bodybuilding improves cardiovascular strength and gives you a healthy heart till old age.

Better lipid metabolism

According to a scientific study, bodybuilding resistance training offers better lipid metabolism that retains muscle while decreasing your fat which eventually turns down the insulin and cholesterol level. Consistent bodybuilding gives you an impressive appearance and looks like a Greek god.

We know every positive thing comes with a negative element. Thus 

bodybuilding exercise also has some undesirable side effects such as:

Weightlifting may damage muscle.

Using a weight lift that is heavier than your capacity when you haven’t learned to manage it may cause extreme wear and tear of muscle and cause irreparable muscle damage.

Reverse anorexia

Bodybuilding is linked with reverse anorexia. The condition was identified by extreme augmentation of muscle size.

Bodybuilding and strength training are correct from their own perspective. But we would suggest you begin with a core strengthening exercise. You can pair it up with a hand grip strengthener for a betterresult, as handgrip exercises boost your grip strength and strengthen forearm muscles.


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