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Is Bristol a Good Destination for Students to Study?

Bristol is a prosperous maritime metropolis on the River Avon. It is in the southwest of England. The Harbourside, a historic city-center port, is now a cultural hotspot. This includes the M Shed museum exploring local social and industrial history. The 19th-century warehouses in the port have been transformed into restaurants. For instance, the contemporary art gallery of Arnolfini is one of them.

Bristol is the best city in England for a short vacation by Condé Nast Traveler. Bristol is first among the top 13 destinations in the UK to visit for a short city break in 2022. Every year, thousands of students come here to pursue their education. Thus, student accommodation Bristol offers secure and reliable housing for international students. The apartments come in various types and have a lot of good amenities.

What does Bristol have in store for its students?

Bristol is one of the best-rated tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. It comes with a mix of vitality and innovation. Museums and galleries, cuisine and drink, fashion, a thriving music scene and nightlife, and much more are all available in the city. A huge collection of art, historical relics, and historical artifacts can also be found in the city. Let’s check some of the top places to visit on a weekend.

Bristol Floating Harbour

Many of the original wharves and warehouses at Bristol’s old port on the Avon River have been refurbished or converted for new purposes. The area was formerly known as the Floating Harbour. Today, it houses many museums and galleries. Top attractions such as the Bristol Aquarium and We The Curious science center are here. One can also find Arnolfini’s visual arts, music, and performance center here.

Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral took about 600 years to transform from its original shape. It is now the church of Saint Augustine Abbey. Between 1298 and 1330, Abbot Knowle beautifully constructed the east end in the Decorated style. In the 16th century, people constructed the central tower and transepts.

Brunel’s SS Great Britain

The SS Great Britain is the first iron-hulled passenger ship in the world. It still docked in the exact spot where it got launched in 1843. It was also the first usage of screw propellers on a ship. Thanks to the work of renowned engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

A ship salvaged from oblivion after being scuttled off the coast of the Falkland Islands. It now docked at Bristol’s Great Western Dock. Today, it’s a testimony to Brunel’s engineering prowess. One can wander the ship’s upper decks or go below decks to peek into First Class members’ luxurious cabins.

Llandoger Trow

Alexander Selkirk narrated the account of his shipwreck to Daniel Defoe. He immortalized the tale in Robinson Crusoe. This took the form of a triple-gabled, half-timbered Llandoger Trow building. It completed in 1664. The structure meticulously renovated in 1991. It’s connected to the Theatre Royal. This houses the Bristol Old Vic and is England’s oldest operating theatre.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

The bridge spans 702 feet between its piers. It finished in 1864, 33 years after Brunel first submitted his prize-winning plans. You can learn about the construction of the bridge at the visitor information center. One can take a weekend behind-the-scenes tour. For a beautiful bird’s-eye view of the bridge, climb Observatory Hill in Clifton. Look for peregrine falcons hovering above the Clifton side. The Camera Obscura and Giant’s Cave are also on display at the Clifton Observatory.

Seek the best student accommodation in Bristol

Bristol is a city that students adore because it is small enough to be friendly. It is also large enough to provide lots of excitement and spark. Thanks to the city’s central location, excellent amenities, and dynamic Students’ Union. You can enjoy the best of student life. You are free to walk or visit any place and everywhere in this city.

Students in Bristol can expect to spend £102* per week (excluding rent). However, students in London can expect to spend £135 per week besides housing costs. Each year, UWE Bristol offers a variety of scholarships to help international students pay for their education.

The properties here, as well as the entire city, are safe and secure. They have emergency support and services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They provide a variety of accommodations to choose from. These include trendy studio flats, ensuites, double and triple sharing rooms. Electricity, gas, water supply, and free Wi-Fi access included in the bills. A private kitchen with modern appliances, dedicated study space, gym & fitness studio, outside courtyard area for holding gatherings & BBQ nights, bike storage, and so on are just a few of the amenities available.

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