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Migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail Including Emails, Attachments | Complete Guide

Articletab | If you are seeking to migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail account? If Yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, you get the complete process of the Yahoo Mail to Gmail Migration account. A user can easily migrate emails & contacts from Yahoo to Gmail without any issue.

Out of the multiple reasons for the end of Yahoo Mail, one was the steady security breach in the Yahoo Mail accounts. If you want to fix your Yahoo security issue. So, here is the list of steps on how to do that. Due to the constant data breach issues, several of the users are migrating Yahoo Mail to Gmail account.

Quick Fix:- This is the IMAP Migration Wizard best tool to migrate your Yahoo Mail to Gmail know more about this application.

Why do Users need to Switch Yahoo Mai to Gmail Migration Account?

There are many reasons to import Yahoo Mail to Gmail are:-

Time-consuming, data loss, improper advertising, and other issues have created many Yahoo Mail clients to stop using it. There are some major reasons to make a copy of Yahoo Mail is to protect yourself from being managed. Users don’t want to lose the data, therefore users need to migrate from Yahoo Mail to Gmail.

Gmail is the best option to migrate their significant mails. That provides multiple facilities to users like Google docs, Google hangouts, Google contacts, and many others.

So, we are giving the best solution to migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail Account in very easy steps:-

How to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail Account? | Two Methods

There are two methods to move Yahoo Mail to Gmail – Automated Approach and Manual Approach. So, we have discussed both solutions below follow steps-by-steps:-

Firstly, we will consider about Automated Approach for Yahoo Mail to Gmail and Know how it works.

In order, to take backup of Yahoo Mail folders, Error Free Email Migration Tool is the best platform to perform this task. It is mostly designed to take backup in many emails sources into different email services. This software can easily migrate Yahoo Mail to a Gmail account with attachments. It does not need any protective application to perform that process. It provides several advanced features that you can easily take the backup of Yahoo email in a single place. Many facilities provide backup of multiple Yahoo Mail account one by one.

How Automated Solution Works and What are the Working Processes?

You just follow the below steps to migrate Yahoo Mail to a Gmail account:-

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows machine. Click on Open to start the process.
  2. Now, Emails Accounts>> Open IMAP Configured Accounts>>Email Address.
  3. The Software scan and display all the data file stored in Yahoo Mail. Click on Export Button.
  4. Then, select Gmail from the Email service folder to export your data.
  5. To export Yahoo Mail into Gmail you need to fill the ID/Password of Gmail import options.
  6. Click on Save Button.
  7. Wait to finish the process. You have been Exported Successfully and the Open folder will show your all data file in the destination location.
  8. Demo Edition Export only 10 items from each folder. You have to Upgrade to Licensed Edition to Export All.

Secondly, below we will discuss the Manual solution to move Yahoo Mail to Gmail:-

Issues During the Manual Migration Process | Complete Guide in Steps:-

• In the Manual migration process, the user can only transfer data from the Inbox folder. There is no other folder data that will get the migrated services.
• It takes a lot of time to complete the process from Yahoo Mail to your Gmail account according to your mailbox size.
• The manual solution has no filter settings available to migrate specific Yahoo emails to Gmail.

In the above issue, it is not a viable process manual to move Yahoo Mailboxes to a Gmail account.


In this article, we have discussed a simple process of how to migrate Yahoo mail to Gmail. It will provide you a direct option to move Yahoo Mail to a Gmail account. And, we also explained two methods in the above blog is Manual solution and an Automated solution to transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail. Read the blog to know more.

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