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Is Social Media Ruining Your Social Life?

Have you ever wondered how social media affects your day-to-day life? For many, social media can be addicting, causing disastrous consequences. If you feel pretty much the same, read this blog to learn what you can do. 

Is social media ruining your life?

It can become a nuisance for you and make you wonder if there are more productive things to do. It can be easy to become hooked to the social feed and forget everything that you need to get done. If this sounds like you, then social media could be ruining your life to an extent. 

There are different levels of social media destruction that you can experience in life, anywhere from spending small amounts of time throughout the day to spending hours at a stretch. You need to pause if your screen time is overstretched with all the social media browsing. 

Issues that social Platforms creates

This is responsible for behavioral changes, good and bad, affecting people for years. 

Many users bully people online and put them down, making those at the receiving end feel defeated. Some individuals are even obsessed with commenting on social media users’ posts. This creates a lot of self-doubt and insecurity for those going through the terrible experience. 

It has also created a new way of life for people who ironically have become anti-social. According to two studies by Jeffrey Hall, a communications professor at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, this is common among people who spend a lot of time on social media. 

He studies the social displacement theory, which claims that the more time people spend on social media, the less they want to socialize with people in real life. His theory claims that if people use social media early in the day, they are more inclined to go out and see people later in the day. 

This theory may not apply to all since most people are still inclined to socialize with each other regardless of their time spent on social networks. 

He claims that It has become the place young people get their news and information. His theory has some traction with certain groups of people but is also true in the fact that people get their information from social platforms. Either way, people spend a lot of time on social media, which affects their attention and what they do. 


If you feel like you are addicted to social media and it’s ruining your life, there are a few ways to handle it. 

  • One alternative that will distract you and benefit you is reading a book. Books can help you learn new things or escape reality for a short time, similar to how social media does. But with books, there’s no negativity, unlike social platforms. 

If you can train your brain to reach for a book instead of your phone, you will learn more about self-control and how to balance your life better. 

  • Another thing to try is to spend time unwinding. Whether it is about taking a walk in nature or relaxing at home with your pets, activities like these can keep you engaged for quite some time. Occasionally changing your routine is the best thing to break free from any addiction. 
  • One more thing that can help you kick the social platforms addiction is learning a new skill like a new instrument, painting, or even learning everyday skills such as baking and cooking. 

Learning to play an instrument or to paint can stimulate your mind, something many people may never experience. 

Some individuals also often struggle with cooking and baking. So taking sessions or finding some resources online can help take your mind off of the social platforms. 

According to Statista, most people spend 147 minutes, or 2.45 hours, per day on social media. Even if you reduce that to one hour per day, it can help you immensely. Taking time away from social media to put efforts elsewhere can benefit you. 

Take hold of your life

It can’t ruin your life unless you allow it. Just downsize the time you spend browsing online content and replace it with other activities. Though, when you are managing your business’s social network accounts, it’s a bit different.

Thankfully, a social media marketing tool like Practina can help. Once you automate your social networks with Practina, you can manage activities on your different accounts from one dashboard and even schedule your posts and ads to save more time and effort. 

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