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Funny Travel Stories And What To Do When Plans Go Away

Lamborghini Price In Pakistan. Travelling can be stressful. It’s not always smooth sailing.

Despite our best efforts. We got frustrated. When we had a recent trip around the UK. I want to vent, warn, and advise other travelers. We talked about what to do if something goes wrong. While traveling as well as lessons learned.

These funny travel stories might provide a laugh. These were about all the things. That could go wrong on any given day!

It’s no secret that traveling can cause problems.

Traveling internationally without a passport the night before, or suffering from Fijian conjunctivitis the morning of an international flight are strong contenders, but our first day of a trip around the UK certainly had its fair share of woes (though we also had some funny stories to tell along the way).

It wasn’t the worst travel disaster that I’ve experienced, but it sure as heck was annoying.

The one thing that makes you question whether it’s still worth it after enough (spoilers: it is).

We don’t talk about the ugly side of travel often, but these stories do!

Be careful regarding Sunday train services – Travel Fail 1

On this disgustingly rainy Sunday morning, surrounded by chilly winds and a crowd of people in chaos, we’re shivering in the cold on a miserable station platform.

Wait a minute.

Kazimir and I celebrated my birthday with my awesome family the day before, laughing, eating, and drinking cocktails together. Some arrived in Lamborghini Price In Pakistan

Our mid-October day was sunny and 24 degrees.

 That day enriched my life

We set off on a 5-day tour of my favorite cities in the UK a day later.

I had to wait in the cold and wet weather. This made me a little worried. I was about to cancel my holiday. I labeled myself as the master of catastrophizing

Traveling is something I don’t mind being flexible about.

If I can choose to change plans, I would prefer to do so on my own terms.

If I’m traveling on a very tight schedule, I’m eager to accomplish as much as possible in a few short days, so every second counts.

My travel plans for this trip. That is always included a little chaos on the first day.

To get to Bristol, we had to travel from Surrey in the southwest of London. My friend dropped me at Lamborghini Price In Pakistan

Our intention was to fill the day with 2 major stops: a Stonehenge Tour and a visit to the Roman Baths.

The trains were all canceled, delayed, or replaced by bus services upon our arrival at the train station.

One day, I hoped the railroad system would work in my favor, but it didn’t.

It took about an hour for the train we hoped to catch to arrive.

The creature crawled out of the station and taunted us even more.

Due to this delay, we missed the hourly bus to Stonehenge that we had planned.

It was fortunate that I had allowed an extra hour or two for delays or diversions, but it still aggravated me that we soaked through and lost out on valuable sightseeing time while waiting for a train that seemed to be driven by sloths!

Having to rely on public transportation at this point started to make me question my decision.

Expecting the unexpected is the second travel fail

As the afternoon drew to a close, we packed up and prepared to depart Bath for Bristol after a wonderful afternoon.

My host informed me a day before. It was kind of him. They also asked me about anything. That I was not aware of or informed of.

My phone notified me that we wouldn’t be able to meet the host.

Is that strange?

They explained that the room hadn’t been checked since the last guest and that the bed hadn’t been made.

I don’t know about you, but when I stay somewhere for a fee, I don’t usually get asked to make my own bed.

I’m not prickly and I’m not afraid of a little work for the board (I mean, I WWOOFed in New Zealand so I’m used to housekeeping anyway), but this seemed really unfair to me.

We weren’t just staying in any old hostel. We were paying a decent amount per night for the room, so we at least expected to have a clean bed to sleep on.

Was that too much to ask?

What were we thinking?

I had a rollercoaster day, so I didn’t even know what my best response would be!

Our decision was to make no hasty decisions until we arrived in Bristol and assessed the situation.

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