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Kedarkantha trek packages, itinerary

Kedarkantha is a beautiful place elevated at 12,500 feet in Kasol, District of Himachal Pradesh. This place is famous among trekkers because of its easy level of trekking and for the variety of flora and fauna this place offers.

If you are planning to visit this place. Make sure that you have checked all the packages and itineraries of kedarkantha. In this article, we will help you to get to know about different packages and itineraries in both the summer and winter seasons for your better and memorable experience. 

Kedarkantha Summer trek from Sankri –  If you are willing to do the Kedarkantha trek in a short time then the summer season is perfect for it. The 4 days, 3 nights package will be the best and affordable package, its cost is around Rs 6000 per person.

Tour Itinerary 

DAY 1 – Arrive at the Sankri village and stay. In Sankri homestay will be available. If you have time then visit around this village, this village will provide you with so many beautiful picturesque landscapes.

DAY 2 – From Sankri you have to go to Juda ka Talab, you will thereafter cover a distance of 6km and within 3 hours. On the way you will find beautiful forests of Oak, birch & deodar. Juda ka Talab is a blissful lake surrounded with lush green grassland and meadows. After spending some time here, move forward towards the Kedarkantha base camp. You will reach this distance within one hour. 

DAY 3- This day is the biggest day for you, because you have to  cover 13kms. Start trekking early in the morning otherwise you will not be able to complete your trek on time. The views are really incredible and the difficulty is moderate. From Kedarkantha Base camp you have to continue your journey for Kedarkantha Summit and within two hours you will reach. After reaching the summit a scenic view of the great Himalaya will welcome you, spend some quality time there. This summit is 3900 meters. Then come back to Sankri and spend your night there.

Kedarkantha 4 Nights Trek in Winters from Sankri – Best time to do trek in Kedarkantha is winter and most recommendable by mostly everyone. Package for this season starts from Rs 7500 per person for 5 days 4 nights. It’s a little costly because this amount can be more because this is the best season and many people prefer to come in the winter season only.

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1- Arrive Sankri, take a rest there. Then go and visit the sankari village, don’t take any taxi or car, just walk and have a wonderful experience of this village in the evening.

DAY 2- Get ready for the wonderful experience of your trek. Walk two hundred meter towards the Tulka road, turn right near the water stream to get a route towards Kedarkantha. From here it takes  just 4 hours (winters) because of snow, after that you will reach Juda ka Talab . It is a beautiful lake, after spending some time here you can continue your trektowrads the final destination. After walking for half an hour, stop and take a rest.


DAY 3- This day you have to cover a distance of 8km. The difficulty from here is moderate. After walking for a few kms, there is a view of Himalayas peaks. After completing 8kms trek, take a stay in camps.

DAY 4- This day you have to reach Hargano, while walking for 7kms. It will take just 3 hours to reach Hargano from Kedarkantha base camp. Enjoy a beautiful evening here. 

DAY 5- This is the last, after taking your breakfast take a bus or a cab and leave for Dheradhun.


  1. Best time for trek – Winters
  2. Summit Kedarkantha peak – 3800 meters
  3. Best thing to do – Walk on frozen Juda ka Talab
  4. Group Size – Small (for better experience) 

Decide yourself which season is best for you and how many days you can give for this wonderful experience and make a list of every important thing to carry with you but it’s advisable to carry limited things otherwise you will face the problem in trekking. Don’t travel by yourself, take a guide for a better experience. 

Kedarkantha is literally a very amazing place, if you are a wanderluster then, you should never miss this place to visit. This trek is perfect for someone who is doing trekking for the first time as its difficulty level is easy, only after Juda ka Talab for some distance difficulty level becomes moderate.


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