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How to block someone on TikTok: Follow steps

How to block someone on TikTok: Follow steps.The easiest way to block someone on Tiktok is by navigating to their profile page and then scrolling down until they are in the “all” tab. Next, tap on the profile pic in the bottom left-hand corner.

This will take you to a small menu. Here, select “Block Addict” in order to block someone’s recording notifications in the future.

Process is same for Instagram too Blocking

Way to block someone on Tiktok

We can block someone on Tiktok by clicking the three dots on the top right corner of their profile.

Scroll down to Details and choose Report Abuse. Scrolling down here will bring up Reporting this Account section which is where you can report an issue like harassment or spamming.

The most efficient way to block someone is by syncing your contacts with them because it will eliminate the need for manually inputting every contact they may have added after syncing.


So you want to know how to block someone on Tiktok and block them from seeing what you post and commenting on your videos? This is very easy and we will walk you through the steps.

Follow these steps:

#1: Log in to your Tiktok account.

#2: Click on “Profile.” That’s the first option near the bottom of the screen as soon as you log in.

#3: Scroll down and select “People You Follow”.

#4: Pull up the person that you want to block by clicking on their name.

#5: Click on “Turn Off Chat” and they won’t be able to speak with you, comment on any videos or pictures, or follow your account unless they find a way around


The process of blocking someone on Tiktok is extremely online simple.

You just have to find the person’s profile, then tap the “Three Dots” in the top right-hand corner of their profile screen. And go to Report list Tap Block Selected.

It is possible to remove a person from the reporting list by tapping on “Reopen reporting list” option in any reports section or through Library Library Settings.


This article discusses why blocking an annoying person on Tiktok is necessary. At this point the person is harassing the victim, using inappropriate content in exchange for contacts, or posting content that is not related to TikTok.

Blocking someone on Tiktok is super easy. To block someone all you have to do it search for them in the app and tap the three lines next to their username. Then press cancel then Delete Friends. You can also manually enter emoji or type someone’s name who you’d like to block into your friend list and they’ll pop up at the top of your list so you can block them there too!


Blocking someone on TikTok is a lot different than other social apps. You have to create an account that becomes private, then you have to edit your profile settings.

Click on Profile in the top right corner of your screen -> Settings -> Communicate Level -> Block Everyone

# Conclusion about How to Block Someone on Tiktok

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