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How to backup and restore IMAP Emails?

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol, and it is an internet standard protocol used by many email clients to retrieve messages from the mail server. Hence IMAP backup means backing up email clients that use IMAP. Nowadays, many leading and most reliable email clients are IMAP-based such as Office 365, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Gmail, and many more. Maybe, I will not be wrong if I say, “We all use IMAP-based email clients”; most commonly Gmail.

Shoviv IMAP Backup and Restore Tool

I used this tool a few months back for one of my clients that had around 150 employees, and all of them use Gmail to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and clients.

Let me clear, before picking the Shoviv IMAP backup and Restore tool, I tried several other tools’ demo versions as well. I picked this tool as this is the only one that allows restoring IMAP mailboxes, and you can also export PST files of the different IMAP accounts into your IMAP account. Hence “One arrow two targets.”

The software is pretty convenient for use and offers several features that enhance the backup process and come in handy to get desired results.

The good news for you is the software has a scheduler feature that is rarely available in other software. With this feature, you can get rid of remembering the backup task as you can schedule the backup at a specific time, daily, weekly, and monthly. If you’re a workaholic or your inbox contains crucial emails, and you forgot to take timely backup, this feature is especially for you. Once you schedule the backup process, you don’t even need to open the software; it will automatically take the incremental backup.

(Incremental Backup: Incremental backups only backup the changes that have been done since the last backup. It saves storage space and is much faster than full backups).

Backup IMAP emails using Shoviv IMAP Backup and Restore tool:

  • Install and open the software in your software.
  • Click on the backup directory option from the dashboard. A wizard will appear, enter a name for the backup directory, and select the directory path in your local disk.
  • Now go to the Backup Jobs dialog from the ribbon bar. Enter job name and IMAP server name. Users can also select their email client from the left side. After that, click on Add Mailbox and provide Email Address and password; use CSV file containing email addresses and passwords of multiple users.
  • Following go to the backup directory and select backup directory to store PST files.
  • Move forward with the filer option. The filter is on the include/exclude Folder and Date basis; use accordingly.
  • Next will be the scheduler option. Using it, you can run the job immediately, manually, or can also schedule on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • In the next window, set up other options as per your requirement and choose a size for resultant PST files; make sure to make it under 50 GB. At last, click on the Create Backup Job button.
  • Now the software will start the IMAP backup process, and you can monitor the process on your dashboard.

So this is the complete process to backup IMAP emails. It is quite easy and with all the required options to make it desired.

If you want to elaborate the tool, then like other tools, the software also comes with a free trial version that has all the features and processing facility of the first 50 items per folder; you can use it.

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