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Chopta Trek: A Challenge for Adventurous Souls

Why should you go on the Chopta trek?

The main attraction of this Chopta trek is the scenic beauty of the village that you will pass by and the Chopta valley. Apart from the scenic beauty, the trail is very challenging and you will need to take special care while walking it as you will have to traverse through the heights of mountains and streams. But, don’t worry! This beautiful Chopta Valley hike is a home run as you are sure to enjoy every minute of your ride.


Why people are afraid of this trek?

If you are afraid of hiking or don’t have hiking experience, you should steer clear of this Chopta trek. This walk is not for beginners. This is one of the toughest treks in Uttarakhand and can easily turn into a waterfall for the inexperienced hiker. The terrain here is tough and the slopes steep. So, be ready.


What to do before you start the trek?

Accommodation, Transportation, Safety

As per the recent problems with the trek guide, you will need to take two sets of things for the Chopta trek. One set will be for the trekking itself and the other for visiting the Bhaga pass.

Rest on the way and back: If you feel like resting on the way then please carry a sleeping bag and jacket for the trek.

Body check-ups: If you are carrying any hypertension and high blood pressure medicines you should carry a health kit along with you. This will ensure that you don’t have any health issues and your health does not deteriorate while trekking.


Traveling to the Chopta valley

The first pit stop is the Lakkar bazaar where you can enjoy the famous Ghewar Bada. The Ghewar Bada is a man-made lake in the shape of a musical instrument. Another place worth a visit is the Kali river which flows through the Chopta valley. The Kali river attracts a lot of visitors. The sight of the Kali river is as striking as the view of the Chopta valley. After the visit to the Chopta Valley, the trekking group moves towards the Kali river and continues its trek. The Kali river running in the Chopta valley is called Namakki. The Kali river is a beautiful place to visit. In some places, it is difficult to cross the river. There is a pontoon bridge at this place.

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The walk from Chopta to Chopta

This trail stays very well maintained and there are centuries of homestays available. Once you reach the Chopta valley, the view from there is simply breathtaking. The trek continues through a series of small valley villages and ends at Chopta (7 KM). The trail passes through farmlands and villages and is very green.

While returning, the walk gets more difficult and the walk from Chopta to Chopta is 6 KM long. The trek begins from the Chopta Valley Road and ends at the Chopta trek. It can be done in 2 days and as per our recommendation, should be undertaken by two experienced and strong trekkers. The return journey from Chopta to Chopta is 7 KM long and takes about 2 hours. The route from Chopta to Chopta is also popularly known as “Chopta trek and the Mad Tea stall trek”.


Safety guidelines

Although the Chopta trek is very enjoyable, it can also be a challenge. Therefore, it is always advisable to carry with you enough gear to keep you warm and safe. However, people must also observe the local rules. The Chopta valley route has lots of dangerous and treacherous passes, especially in the winter season. Hence, if there is no liveable road, it is suggested that you go by air.

But we can also add that the Chopta trek is extremely beautiful, and you will see a huge diversity of Himalayan flora and fauna in the region. The caves of Pauri are amongst the most breathtaking. The Chopta Valley is a cluster of small villages in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand.



Uttarakhand is the most beautiful state in India which is rich with the resources of nature. There are various trekking routes available in the state that you can opt for. Jorabat Trek is an adventure of a lifetime trek that requires proper training and preparation. You can choose the Jorabat trek for everyone who is a fitness freak or an adventurous person.

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