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Best Places to Visit in Coorg


Valanoor is a small and charming hamlet located near Dubare in Coorg. The place is a prominent fishing spot on the Cauvery backwaters and one of Karnataka’s most popular angling destinations. In many sections, the Kaveri River is shallow and sluggish, which aids in the establishment of numerous aquatic life in the river. The ideal area for anglers to test their talents is at Valnoor fishing camp. The best time to go fishing is in the mornings. Aside from fishing, the sunset view is simply breathtaking. Birdwatchers will love Valanoor.

Tadiandamol Peak

Tadiandamol Peak in Kakkabe is the highest elevation peak in Kodagu, located 7 kilometres from Nalknad Palace and 41 kilometres from Madikeri. It is a well-known trekking location in Karnataka and one among the best things to do in Coorg. It is one of the must-see attractions in any Coorg vacation package.

Tadiandamol, at 5730 feet, is Karnataka’s second highest mountain after Mulliyangiri in the Baba Budan Range. Tadiandamol means “highest mount” in Kodava. It is one of Karnataka’s most beautiful hikes, with soft, velvety green slopes that are only known to a select few. It’s a 14-kilometer round-trip hike that takes you through the Shola forests, endless lush green pastures, and streams. The top can be reached by walking 7 kilometres from the Nalkand Palace, which is located at the bottom of the slope. The hike from Nalknad Palace to the summit of the peak is moderate and takes 3 to 4 hours one way.

The optimum season to trek Tadiandamol is from September to May. To trek to the peak, it is best to hire a guide. Near Nalknad, there are several alternatives for homestays.

Glenlorna Tea Plantations

Glenlorna is a tea estate in Hudikeri town in Karnataka’s Coorg district. It is located 1 km from Barapole River Rafting Point, 20 kilometer from Gonikoppal, 21 kilometer from Kutta, and 76 kilometres away from Madikeri. The unique tea estate in the heart of the coffee-dominated Coorg. It is owned by Tata Plantations and is one of the must-see attractions.

The Glenlorna Tea Plantation Estate sits at an amazing elevation of 808 metres, surrounded by the famous fauna and flora of the Western Ghats. Tea has apparently been grown on this estate from 1914, and it, like other plantations, is a British heritage. Glenlorna is well-known for its outstanding tea production, which averages around 3,845 kg of tea per cropland. There is a tea processing facility here, and it is the only tea estate in the Coorg district having one. Providing panoramic views of the tea gardens and distant hills.


Chiklihole Dam

Chiklihole dam is a tiny reservoir at Nanjarayapattana, located 7 kilometres from Dubare, 15 kilometres from Kushalnagar, and 24 kilometres from Madikeri. It’s one of Coorg’s most prominent tourist attractions.

The Chiklihole Reservoir spans the Chiklihole River, which flows through Karnataka’s Cauvery Basin. 865 hectares of land rely on the reservoir for their water needs. 

There are no crest gates on the dam, which is semicircular in shape. Water overflows like foam on a curved structure as the input increases, providing visitors with a spectacular spectacle. The lush foliage and diverse plants and animals of the wilderness enclosing Chiklihole reservoir make for a pleasant location in which to spend a few special minutes with family and friends. It’s a magical experience to watch the sunset from the dam. Picnic sites abound in the lush forests and open areas.

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