3 Big Mistakes People Make When Starting Their Uber Like Business

The history of online taxi services is a long one. However, since the introduction of Uber clone app, the growth in popularity has been exponential in recent years.

The first service that came into existence during the late 19th century was the horse-drawn cab service. The first taxi company in London, Richard Austin Clark, and Co, started functioning as a private hire and hackney carriage service on December 31st, 1835.

However, it is not until 2002 when Uber the company was established that the idea of an app-based taxi service emerged. By 2010, there were more than 4500 taxi companies and by 2016 there were over 12000 active companies worldwide.

In 2017, Uber received an investment worth $560 million from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba with intentions to become the world’s biggest taxi company by 2020.

Big Mistakes People Make When Starting Their Uber-Like App

If you are thinking about starting your own Uber like business, this article is meant to help you avoid mistakes that most rookies make. Here are the mistakes you have to avoid when starting your Uber clone app.

Building their app from scratch

Seeing the growing demand for online taxi booking apps in the market one jumps too soon on building their own Uber like app. There are ready-made solutions available in the market that are less expensive and offer better value for money. Instead of using those ready-made solutions, people started to build their Uber clone app from scratch.

Overdoing things with features

Certainly, you need features to make your app more attractive to your customers. However, more than often people ended up adding features that are not necessary. This raises the development cost and also makes to app bloated, which leads to a bad user experience.

Adding features but lacks functionality

The app UI is equally important as the features of your app. In order to make things look cute, people forgot the main purpose of UI and ended up building an app that has got featrues but users find it hard to access them.

What Are The Top Factors To Consider When Developing A Mobile Application?

Building a portable application can be an overwhelming assignment to do. There are many variables to think about before you start the advancement cycle. This aide will assist you with recognizing the top elements you want to think about when fostering your portable application so that it’s simpler for you to get everything rolling.

Portable applications have become an ever increasing number of well known lately. The quantity of apps accessible for download has detonated, while the quantity of downloads has likewise expanded essentially.

Fostering an app isn’t just about upgrading convenience dependent on input from clients or further developing execution dependent on information gathered by examination devices, yet additionally about promoting it well using distinctive advertising channels like paid advertisements, web-based media missions, and article showcasing.


The above mentioned are the few things that one needs to avoid when building their own Uber clone app. Buying a ready-made Uber clone script is always a better option for an on-demand business. These market tested solutions comes with all the features you need, are affordable and scalable. In simple terms, these ready-made Uber clone scripts got everything that you need to start a successful online taxi business.


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