Why is My car steering shaking?

The reasons for the car steering shaking is mainly because there are other underlying issues. Car steering shaking starts as a subtle issue that you can easily miss. But as you keep driving, these steering shakes will be more intense. Sometimes, the car’s steering could be stable but the other parts of the car will be making it to shake.

There are different occasions when the car starts to shake. Some of these occasions are not due to a faulty part of the car. But on some other occasions, the shaking could be coming from parts like the engine or the suspension system assembly parts. The car steering wheel shaking is brought about by faulty suspension system assembly parts. Frequently undertaking car maintenance is one of the reasons why the car steering wheel may start vibrating.

Parts that cause the car to shake.

  1. Faulty engine parts. There are parts of the engine that may lead to the car shaking. These parts are inclusive of faulty timing belt, faulty spark plug, faulty hoses, faulty motor mounts and faulty fuel intake systems.
  2. Faulty breaks assembly parts. Sometimes you will  feel the car vibrating when you hit the brake pedal. This is a problem that require you to assess the following brake parts; the brake calipers that could be stuck in one position, the brake rotors that could be bent, the brake pad that could be worn out.
  3. Faulty suspension system assembly parts. If the car suspension system parts that include the springs shock absorbers, the struts, arms, bars, linkages, bushings, and joints.

That is not a comprehensive list of the parts that could cause the car to start shaking. There so many other possible causes. That’s why it is important for you not to ignore the issue. Instead, go to a repair shop and have the car checked out.

Why is My car steering shaking?

There are various reasons why the car steering wheel is shaking. These are mostly related to the front suspension system assembly parts. That’s because the front suspension system assembly parts are connected to the steering wheel to help in controlling the car.

The steering wheel shakes during two unique occasions. It is important to pay attention to when the shaking occurs in order to start a diagnosis. During both of these occasions, the shaking becomes more intense as the speed of the car increases.

Car steering shaking when I negotiate corners.

The steering wheel may shake during negotiating corner. When this happens, direct your attention to the tie rods of the vehicle. At the start, the shaking will be very subtle. But that depends on the extent of the damage to the tie rods. Now as you keep driving with this condition, the shaking will grow more intense. That should show you that the tie rods have been damaged to large extent.

The tie rods. 

Tie rods are a critical part of the front suspension system because they connect both front wheels and they facilitate steering. They provide responsive and smooth steering when they are in a good condition. Tie rods are in twos for the front wheels. There are the inner and outer tie rods.

Tie rods tend to become worn out over time due to normal wear and tear. If this happens, you will experience vibrations on the steering. Further, these vibrations will be accompanied by a clunking noise when you’re turning the steering.

Car steering shaking when driving straight and accelerating.

This is an issue that will be experienced due to faulty ball joints within the front suspension system assembly. If you ignore this warning sign, there is a chance that you will undertake expensive repairs. The car steering shaking will be experienced more intensely as you accelerate and when you hit the bumps or potholes. It will feel like you don’t have control over the steering wheel.

The ball Joints.

They are an essential part of the suspension system whose function is to connect the steering knuckle to the suspension arms. The front wheel ball joints are meant to allow wheels and suspension to move up and down as well as back and forth when the steering wheel is turned. Failure of the ball joints creates extreme vibrations and a clunking noise.

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