8 Innovative Ideas to Student Engaged in Business

Are you a student who needs some extra cash? Maybe you do not want a part-time job but are engaged in a business. Then look no further because this post will give you 8 innovative ideas for students who want to do business.

8 Innovative Ideas for Students interested In Business


Tutoring is one of the most common businesses that you can do while being on campus. If you are a knowledgeable student then start tutoring your friends or your juniors and earn money. If you are teaching any of your juniors or just anybody else on the campus then you know how much time and effort goes into it.

You are utilizing your free time and mental capacity for the betterment of somebody else then why not earn some extra cash through it. It can be invested in social events, self-care, savings or you can even send the money back to your parents as a token of love and appreciation. Moreover, you can also utilize this money to get academic help from services like buying essays online if your studies are neglected in any way because of tutoring others.


Do you have any photography equipment? If you have a DSLR that is pretty much all you need to start this business. You can partner up with venues directly or hold on to present promotions companies and become an official photographer for specific events or venues. Make sure to get the official part done soon so that you do not have to lose the opportunity to any other person.

Once it is all done you just have to get to the venue when the event begins and start taking pictures. Every venue likes posting pictures of their event after it is over on their social media for maintaining their online presence and marketing itself. You can also use these pictures to market your skills. 

You can amplify your service to another level by creating a photo booth. Getting an already set up photo booth is expensive and can cause more than 500 dollars but more importantly, they are pretty much useless. But you can make one by yourself for a fraction of that price. All you need is a rail and a shower curtain then head down to the nearest part stop and get a bunch of silly props. Innovative Ideas

Just like that for about a maximum of $60 you have got yourself a photo booth which you can sell to the venues and earn money.


You must have lent your friend a pen or a notebook for some time and helped them out. Have you ever thought of turning it into a business? All you have to do is lend things to other students and even outsiders for a certain time and charge them for it. You have to do better than lending a pen because nobody will take it. If you have certain camera lenses, lights, recorders, furniture, or even Halloween costumes you can lend them and charge the borrowers.

The best part about having your own lending business is that there is no need to invest anything and it does not require any particular skill. You just have to lend the materials you already own.

Start A YouTube Channel:

Another great way to earn money is to start a YouTube channel. YouTube welcomes countless content creators every day on their platforms and you can be one of those creators. This is a fun activity that can later turn into a business depending on your view time, viewers, and subscribers. In simple terms the more the engagement more the money.

You can start blogging and showcasing your life at the university. You can also get more creative on the platform and the topics to make videos on are endless. This will help you attract sponsors which will also become a good source of earning. All you have to do is promote their brand and encourage people to use or join them. You will get promo codes so that your subscribers can get a discount.

Proofreading Essays:

Proofreading is the stage where you go through the document for a final check, and correct any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors before submitting the document (Helpwithdisseration, 2021). While this is an important step a lot of students do not proofread their work simply because they think it is irrelevant. Those who think it is relevant and do not have enough time to do it will hire you for proofreading their assignments.

Writing CVs:

A lot of students can not talk about themselves on paper but someone else can do this quite well. If you are good at writing in a punchy tone then you can easily start a business of writing others resumes and CVS. 

Furthermore, suppose your customer got a job in a cheap essay writing service using the CV you have written for them then ask them to give a testimonial. You can put this testimonial on your website or social media account discussing who they are and where they now work. Soon enough you will have requests pouring in.


You can make a business by babysitting children. It is one of the high-paying gigs and you can earn up to 20 dollars or more in one attempt. Parents are always seeking for minders to look after their children after school or when they are out. If you have experience handling children then start babysitting.

Dog- Walking:

Who does not love dogs? Most of them are well-trained and obedient. You can start a business walking dogs. Since they are not hard to tackle it is easy money. You can earn 20 dollars for an average 30-minute dog walk (Thumbtack, 2021).


These were the 8 innovative ideas for you if you are engaged in business. Hopefully, it helped you out.


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