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Why Choose KN95 Mask Over N95 Masks?

All filtering respirator face-piece masks must comply with various international regulations and guidelines. These guidelines and standards define the physical properties, performance characteristics, and functionalities of the masks. These are required to meet a certain standard in a particular country. Health authorities can authorize certain foreign standards of face-piece respirators in emergencies like pandemics and epidemics. They may also approve the use, under the emergency authorization, of N95 masks from the United States. The KN95 mask is similar to the N95 mask as this mask protects from dust, dirt, and other particles (bacteria or pathogens) within a specific micron filtering range.

The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as face masks, can help reduce exposure to transmissible pathogens. The KN95 Mask could be a good option for protecting against airborne pathogens.

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AccuMed only sources the highest quality KN95 Masks from well-respected manufacturers. Each batch is subject to independent testing by experts. This ensures that the product quality and brand integrity are maintained. KN95 Masks are FDA-registered and conform to the Chinese standards GB2626/2006 and/or GB2626/2019, if applicable. Our KN95 masks consist of 6 layers of melt-blown and spun-bond plastic propylene.

Who certifies and rates KN95 masks?

China regulates the KN95 masks according to regulations GB2626-62006 and GB2626-2201. The masks can filter 95% of particles. The FDA issued guidance in April 2020 allowing the use of certain KN95 masks as non-NOSH-approved masks to expand the availability of face masks for general use and respirators that can filter virus molecules during the pandemic.

KN95 masks are used as safety measures in many sectors and industries, including the construction and design, mining, and food processing sector.

KN95 masks are less restricted than N95 masks. They also don’t require as rigorous testing or quality control checks and balances, as do N95 masks. For example, KN95 masks are not subject to factory audits or inspection requirements by China. These requirements are different from those required by NIOSH in the United States and n95 mask in the United States.

What is the Filtration Efficiency for a KN95 face mask?

KN95 masks are made to at least 95% filtration efficacy. This functionally is identical to the N95 masks approved in the United States (95% efficiency).

Why purchase a BNX KN95 mask?

The BNX KN95 mask provides a lot of protection against non-oil-based particles of 0.3 microns and greater. A KN95 effective mask is vital in the current world situation. This mask has been specially made to ensure optimum protection.

The KN95/GB2626-2019 standards outline the required physical properties and the filtration performance for each mask to comply with the declared standards. The US government may authorize the use of KN95 or other non-NIOSH international-rated masks in emergency situations, such as a pandemic.

The pharma healthcare industry is committed to sourcing KN95 and N95 masks of the highest quality from the most trusted and reputable manufacturers in the United States as well as around the globe. Their products go through strict third-party testing to ensure that they are both safe as well as reliable.

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