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Unique ideas for your research to stand out

Writing a research paper often gets challenging if the right Unique ideas does not hit your brain. You just cannot choose a topic for the sake of your assignment and submit a tedious paper.

Research is an integral part of any industry. Your paper must present the broadly discussed contemporary issues.

One of Europe’s renowned non-profit research organisations, RAND Europe collaborated with Research England. The purpose was to explore current and future changes in the research landscape. And how this may affect the nature of national research assessment after REF2021.

Let’s explore –

Trending Unique ideas Topics-

  1. ‘The significance of ethics to business and how to control bad behaviour’ –
  • There are many causes behind unethical behaviour in the workplace.
  • You can explore issues like this by taking interviews, responses, samples, case studies, research paper topic ideas even from your known ones.
  1. ‘Which companies will make it to the top 5 best in the next decade?’
  • Try to look at the matters of the business strategies. That constantly create a race between similar companies.
  1. ‘The significance of search engine optimisation on businesses today’ –
  • SEO is the buzz in almost every business firm.
  • Companies are transforming into cloud businesses as well. Explore what the factors that are constantly creating an impact on popular business firms are.
  1. ‘How is feminism changing the post-modern society?’ –
  • You can take this opportunity to explore the unspoken issues. Thave given birth to a movement like – feminism.
  1. Should the government legalise the usage of smartphones in high school campuses?’
  • You can try to reach out to the root causes of these topics.
  1. Leadership training in high school’ –
  • Take this scope to find out the goals of these curricula and previous outputs the institutes have received.
  1. ‘Are secondary schools doing enough in harnessing the debating skills of students?’

Some students are confident and fearless to speak in front of hundreds of people. And can express their opinions

  1. How free software can positively transform the world –
  • Study how this software is making a difference in the global world for everyday purposes. Starting from education to corporate firms.
  1. College Pre-election and the effects on voter conduct –
  • You need to observe what goes on in the preparations of the young leaders. And what expectations it develops in the voters.
  1. Substance abuse among college students and its effects on their performance and behaviour –
  • You can present a psychological impact on your research work.

Apart from the momentous topics mentioned above, there are other ideas, which even every level students can work on.

Here are numerous ideas mentioned below, and choose as per your convenience –

  1. Cross-border BPO affecting the gross domestic product
  2. Companies that will make it to the top 5 best in the next decade
  3. Terrorism and its effects on businesses.
  4. Are universities turning into business-driven institutes?
  5. Causes of data threat and strategies to prevent it.
  6. Should licensed gun holders be allowed to carry for self-defence?
  7. Is it difficult for ex-convicts to find employment?
  8. Should colleges fund student-athletes, and how?
  9. The right basis of workplace promotion: seniority, degree, or performance evaluation?
  10. The significance of SEO.
  11. Scope for women into extreme sports
  12. Impact of feminism in the contemporary American society
  13. Influence of torrenting sites on creativity and copyright
  14. Should marijuana be legalised at the domestic level
  15. The legalisation of same-sex marriage and its influence
  16. Need of appropriate law to prevent cyber-bullying
  17. The margin between artistic photos and pornography
  18. Impact of adoption law in Russia: does it refuse orphans their chance for happiness?
  19. The effects of various laws on abortion around the globe.
  20. Distinguished prostitution laws around the world
  21. Strategies to turn a business idea into a successful startup
  22. Influence of creative marketing to increase sales
  23. Does taxation affect the downfall of small businesses?
  24. Effective time-management system for big and small operations.
  25. Is multitasking a genuine productive method of work?
Other Unique ideas may suit for your convenience –
  1. Cases of sexual harassment in the working environment.
  2. Advantages of benefits that make employees happy.
  3. Strategies big corporations apply to defend from the law and get away with it
  4. Should The Universal Declaration of Human Rights control minimum wages around the world?
  5. The most successful businesses in the first two decades of the 21st century.
  6. Angela Merkel’s influence to change Europe
  7. Impeachment against Donald Trump: Will it happen?
  8. The consequences of Brexit for European values
  9. How is Vladimir Putin involved with global conflicts?
  10. Steps world politicians can take to  unite against the threat that Russia poses
  11. Can North and South Korea be a union?
  12. How can dictatorial regimes get eliminated in the 21st century?
  13. Conflicts in Africa.
  14. Why is it claimed that refugees pose a threat to the hosting country?
  15. Can the world unite to fight racism?
  16. Is Christianity at its dusk?
  17. Can religion justify crimes against humanity?
  18. The most popular followed religions
  19. Legit exploitation cases that tore the prestige of religious places
  20. Should religious beliefs influence health matters?
  21. Cases of religion oppress women.
  22. The context political influence on the global religions throughout time.
  23. Agnosticism balances between atheism and various religions
  24. Is the world going to witness a new religion?
  25. How to stop bullying in schools?

Research work is an intensive study for dissertation writing guide, so you must choose a topic that helps you present your opinion more flexibly. The above ideas will come to your help for your future research works.

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