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Tips To Clean Polished Concrete Floor

Nowadays, polished concrete flooring is the most favored floor option for every residential and commercial area. One of the most significant advantages of its installation is that it requires low maintenance. 

So, if planning to install them in any of your places, there are several suppliers of polished concrete in Melbourne, delivering the best quality services. Though the flooring is easy to maintain, it does not mean you will not take notice of it. 

Polished Concrete is durable so they need proper care and maintenance. Daily Maintenance and cleaning for polished concrete just mopping to remove dirt and grime accumulation that can abrade the surface of polished concrete.

So, here, in this article, we are suggesting the best tips you can consider for the right maintenance of your polished concrete floors you can easily clean your floor with these tips. 

Ways To Clean The Polished Concrete Flooring

Daily Dry Mopping

Whether a residential or commercial area, floors bring dirt and dust particles. Compared to other flooring options, though the polished concrete overlay requires low maintenance, it should not be neglected. So, it is essential to dry mop daily. 

Dry mopping helps in picking up the mud, pet hair, and small pebbles that pull in on the shoes. In addition, it will help to get rid of scrapes or scratches that can ruin the sealants and finishes of the flooring.  

Furthermore, if there is a dust accumulation for a long time, it will seep into the pores, dimming the polish and luster of the flooring. Hence, it is very necessary to clean the floors.

For accumulating the dirt, utilize the microfiber mop which will be helpful to maintain the durability and transparency of floors. By dry mopping, you can avoid the situation when you have to do serious cleaning during weekends or special events. 

Weekly Wet Mopping

While dry mopping is very vital for maintaining the durability and clarity of flooring, dust mopping is also essential to keep the shine. Use clean water and pH-neutral cleaners to mop the floors. It will help to clean the harmful grime, residue, and other dirt that has formed upon the surface.

However, do not use too acidic or alkaline cleaning products as they can cause corrosion and lose shine of floors. In addition, using the hash cleaners will make you seal the flooring frequently. 

Use the non-abrasive mops to clean the polished concrete floors. 

Immediately Clean The Spills 

The longer the spill lasts, the bigger the stain will seem. Therefore, wipe up the spills immediately so that they can not penetrate the concrete surface and cause splashes. 

Be cautious especially, for acidic spills such as vinegar, soft drinks, lemon juices, etc. as they can ruin the shine of the flooring. Besides this, instantly clean up the alkaline collapses like bleach, baking soda, ammonia, etc. as they damage the transparency of the polished concrete finishes.

Use water and Ph-neutral-based cleaning products to clean the flooring. They smash the dirt particles and make it easy to remove them. In addition, letting the cleaners remain for a long time makes the hard spills get loose quickly. 

Do not use acidic cleaners as they hardly blend well with polished concrete polishes and penetrate and wear down the pores of the floor


Maintenance of polished concrete flooring is very important. Through daily and weekly clean-up, you can keep up the shine, polish, and clarity of the floors. With the help of Allgrind, you can maintain your floor easily. 

Additionally, with the use of the right cleaning products, the durability of the floors can be maintained. Definitely, consider the tips we mentioned above.


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