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Effective Guide to Problem-Solving Activities for Children

Children have a hard time dealing with problems. They can’t always find the best way to solve a problem or the right thing to do when they’re in a conflict. This is why schools in Dehradun need to give them experiences with problem-solving activities that they can repeat whenever they encounter similar situations. If your child has trouble resolving conflicts, she will avoid them or mishandle them. Problem-solving activities can help children learn how to figure out what to do in situations where there are disagreements, emotions involved, power imbalances or other issues.

Why Problem-Solving Activities Are Important for Your Child

When a child learns how to problem solve, they learn how to think critically and creatively, and they become more self-sufficient and confident in their ability to work through issues on their own. They also develop persistence and resilience — two traits that will help them navigate life challenges far beyond childhood. Thus, the best way to teach kids problem-solving skills is to give them opportunities to practice them.

Here are some things that can help young children learn problem-solving skills:

  • Problem-Solving Puzzles

These puzzles feature pictures with missing pieces and are great for developing critical thinking skills and math concepts like counting and adding up. They involve deducing what’s missing from a picture and figuring out how to fix it.

  • Picture Story Books

This is an area of early childhood education where parents and teachers can often compete with the TV show “Sesame Street.” But these books offer great ways to teach kids about cause and effect, according to the University of Colorado at Boulder (where I’m a faculty member). The key is giving kids the right prompts: “What happens when you push on that rock?”

  • Recognize the problem

Is it that the child doesn’t want to do something? Or that they don’t understand why they’re supposed to do something? Or is it that they can’t figure out how to do something yourself?

  • Figure out what you’re trying to accomplish

Is it to get them to be quiet, eat their dinner, or clean their room? Or does it involve playing with them or helping them learn a new skill?

  • Approach the problem from their perspective

Think about how you would do things yourself, and adjust your approach accordingly if you’re unsure how to ask an adult who might have more experience dealing with children of your age.

  • Be flexible and creative

When faced with problems like these, I often think up multiple possible solutions at once and then pick one that works best overall — even if I’m not 100% sure which specific technique I’ll use.

  • Rock Molds

Children enjoy playing with rocks and making different shapes with sand. boarding school in dehradun can combine the two activities by providing your child with molds used to make sand rocks. You need sand and an egg carton or muffin tin to create the molds. Your child fills each compartment with sand, packs it down and then flips it upside down over a piece of paper. She taps on the bottom of the mold until the sand rock falls out onto the paper. So, the rock will have a particular shape based on your child’s mold.

  • Role-Playing

Kids can practice resolving different situations through role-playing. Have kids take turns being the main character in scenarios and choosing different ways to solve problems or handle issues. For example, your child might pretend that he is at school and has been bullied by another student at recess. He could role-play different ways of solving the problem. Such as talking to the bully or a teacher about what happened.

Why choose The Asian School?

‘The Asian School’ is an English medium, co-educational, residential and day boarding school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This schools in Dehradun is located at a picturesque hilltop, surrounded by lush green gardens and a panoramic view of the Doon Valley and the Himalayan Range. At The Asian School, Dehradun, we develop a culture where students are encouraged to come up with new ideas and make decisions. We believe that such an approach is essential to prepare them for the corporate world’s success.

The Asian School offers a great environment to learn and involve students in problem-solving activities. Thus developing their analytical skills, which are essential in today’s corporate world. This residential school in Dehradun mission is to provide a conducive environment for learning, nurture intellectual curiosity and creativity. And build self-confidence and a sense of morality and ethics; develop sensitivity towards others and the environment. And motivate students to set high goals about academic accomplishments as well as community service.

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