The Struggle Is Real: Charging Your Electric Car

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular as they are bringing such advanced features that everyone desires for the future. Sure, we’ve seen cars such as Tesla use electric motors in the past, but even traditional manufacturers such as Audi and Jaguar are releasing their own electric car models. These vehicles are not your average automobiles as they are packed with cutting edge features that make driving a much more enjoyable experience. 

The growth of Electric cars is still very slow and steady. With an estimate of 6.5 million electric cars1 being sold in the fiscal year of 2021 worldwide, it is looking to be on the right path. However, the number of electric charging stations is not increasing at such a pace. Due to this, many people are facing problems worldwide. 

The lack of availability of electric charging stations poses a considerable threat to the market for electric vehicles. The ratio of charging stations has also been decreasing with a massive 31% in 2020. According to a report, almost 16 electric vehicles will have to share 1 charging station in 2020. 

And thus, many brands are making their own charging stations. But are these charging stations worth buying? Let’s have a look at it. 

Electric Charging station 

Just like any conventional gas station, electric charging stations are also available to recharge the batteries of EVs. EVs have a totally different concept of charging. There are 3 main types of charging stations for an EV: Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast charge. Depending on the names, the charging stations can charge the batteries efficiently and with less time consumption. 

But, here’s the catch. Many brands are providing charging stations to tackle the problem of the lack of electric charging stations. These charging stations are not only easy to assemble but also very convenient and portable. Thus, these charging stations are a very good means to prolong the efficiency of your electric car. 

In general, there are 2 types of charging stations, i.e., Wall boxes and Mobile Charging stations. However, there are some mobile charging stations that can act as Wallbox charging stations because of their unique design and execution. One of them is the Go-eCharger Home Fix.

Wallboxen charging stations

Go-eCharger Home Fix 

Imagine you are going on a trip with your family in your EV, and the battery is about to drain. But, there is no sign of any charging station. Of course, you will have a mobile charging station with you because of the less range of an EV. Your mobile charging station can hamper the trip because of the less efficient charge of the charging station. What if somebody told you that you could charge up your car with excellent efficiency and in significantly less time. With Go-eCharger, you can recharge your EV in just an hour or so and be ready for the trip.

Go-charger Home fix is a mobile charging station that can provide an output of 11 kW of energy when used in the mobile state and a massive 22 kW of energy output when used in the wall box mode.

Many people are still skeptical of using the charging station with a dual property because of the delusion that it might short circuit. But, that is not the case with the Go-eCharger Home fix. It has been certified and verified by the VDE (Europe’s largest Scientific Association) with its reliability and uses. 

go-eCharger HOMEfix

Charge The Future With Go-eCharger Home Fix 

Indeed, the lack of availability of charging stations and the slow growth of electric cars do not impact the advantages of having an electric car. EVs have been reducing the impact on the environment by such a high percentage as they don’t rely on the non-renewable sources of energy that are responsible for the release of greenhouse gases. 

Owning an electric vehicle is like shaping the new world. Everyone wants to own one — and why not? EVs offer pollution-free driving, lower fuel costs, and the opportunity to save big. And the best way to charge up your electric car can be to rely on one charging station that can act as both a Wallbox and a mobile charging station, just like Go-eCharger Home fix.

So, when are you buying your charging station? 

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