Protocols for Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding protocol is an important topic. Boarding your dog can be a lot of fun, and, in most cases, it is. However, every dog boarding facility is different. Each one has its own set of rules and protocols e.g. Dog Grooming in Mumbai that they would like you to follow when you board your dog with them. Some of these rules are intended to protect the animals boarded there, and others are put in place to protect the people who work at the facility or the owners themselves.

Before boarding your pet at any kennel, make sure that you understand all of their rules and regulations so that there will be no surprises once you arrive with your dog. Every boarding facility will have its own set of protocols that they would like you to follow when you take your pet to be boarded with them. The best way to find out these is by asking them directly or reading the fine print on their website or brochure.

Basic Protocols for Dog boarding that are followed by authorities

  • No Off-Leash Facilities

While visiting the dog boarding in Delhi, you will see that the dogs are always on leashes, even when they are inside their kennels. They are never allowed to move around off-leash. This is done for reasons: to ensure that they don’t hurt themselves and keep them under control. If they run around freely, they might get into fights with other dogs and hurt themselves.

  • Separate Kennels for Different Breeds

You will notice that different breeds have different kennels assigned to them. Thus, a separate space is provided for each breed. This is done for safety purposes as some breeds generally don’t get along well and might start fighting with each other if kept together in one kennel.

  • A separate area for playtime

As dogs are social animals, they should be allowed to interact with each other. Thus, they need to have proper playtime. The center should have a space that allows for this. Cats can also share this space.

  • Activity time

The dogs should be allowed to go out for walks and exercise regularly. This is a way of improving their physical and mental health as well. It also provides them with some time off from the regular schedule at the center. For example, dogs in cages will not get the opportunity to exercise like others do when roaming around freely.

  • Temperament evaluations

Your dog should be screened for temperament before they can participate in group playtime or group activities while they are staying at the boarding facility. This screening will help ensure that any dogs who may not be comfortable around other dogs or people will not be put into a situation where they may become aggressive.

  • Vaccination requirements

A good dog boarding facility will require that your dog has all of the necessary vaccinations before being admitted into the boarding facility. This helps reduce the risk of illness for both other dogs and staff members at the facility.

  • They Should Feed Your Pet Properly

This is the most basic protocol that professional dog boarding services should follow. They should feed your pet according to its eating habits. Nowadays, it has become quite popular to feed dogs with home-cooked meals as they are healthy for them rather than feeding them with commercialized dog food. A veterinary nutritionist can help you prepare a diet chart for your furry friend.

Why choose Woof India?

Woof India offers the best dog boarding facility, where your dog will be treated like royalty. Your pet will have a separate area for sleeping and playing that is fully air-conditioned and has 24/7 security monitoring of the premises. We also have a groomer on site who will keep your pet smelling great. Our dog boarding facility features special treats for your pet, such as toys filled with food to keep your dog busy while you’re away. We’ll keep you updated with photos daily, so you can rest assured that your pets are doing well!

We have highly trained professionals who also offer dog training in Delhi. Woof India has built a chain of excellent pet boarding facilities where your dog will not feel homesick. We are best at providing a hygienic atmosphere. So that your dog will get the best shelter with no worries about diseases or sickness. Our staff takes complete responsibility for everything related to your dog grooming in Mumbai, playtime, walking, medication (if required) etc.

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