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Dubai Real Estate Sector In Next 50 Years

In terms of real estate sales transactions or monthly index numbers, Dubai Real Estate market saw exceptional results in 2021, according to new research.

In December 2021, there were 5,601 sales transactions worth Dh15.68 billion, resulting in more than 84,196 total transactions worth Dh300 billion in 2021, which is the highest value in Dubai’s history.

The overall monthly index in December 2021 stood at 1.156 and the index price was Dh1,115,937, making it the highest index in terms of number since February 2019 and the highest in value since August 2018.

The figures are taken from Dubai’s official sales price index Mo’asher, released by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) in cooperation with Property Finder’s 22nd edition.

In the case of Mo’asher, the base year is 2012, the base month is January 2012, and the base quarter is in Q1 2012. The data showed that 2021 ended with record numbers, setting the stage for the next 50 years in which Dubai will build the best global economy.

A total of 1.156 points were recorded on the overall monthly index during December 2021 and an index price of Dh1,115,937.

Quaterly Value Of Real Estate

1.182 points on the apartments index during December 2021 and 1.167 points on the villas/townhouses index during December 2021.

As for the overall quarterly index, the index recorded 1.181 and an index price of Dh1,118,218; for the apartment quarterly index, the index recorded 1.184 and an index price of Dh1,000,054; and for the villa/townhouse quarterly index, the index recorded 1.204 and an index price of Dh2,060,863.

A yearly index for 2021 shows 1.193 and Dh1,133,776, an index price of Dh1,041,679 for apartments.

Overall, the index value in December 2021 was higher than it had been in February 2019 and higher than it had been in August 2018. In 2018, apartment numbers and index values reached their highest levels since March 2019.

Index numbers and index values for villas/townhouses reached their highest levels since February 2019.

Market in 2021 Real Estate

A total of 84,196 real estate transactions were recorded in Dubai Real Estate in 2021, worth almost Dh300 billion.

From 2020 to 2121, the number of transactions increased by 66.3 per cent, and the value of transactions increased by 72 per cent.

Throughout 2021, real estate properties worth Dh151.07 billion were sold, breaking a 12-year record for sales. Also, real estate sales surpassed 2013’s total.

The total number of secondary/ready property transactions in the UAE in 2021 was 59.6%, while off-plan transactions accounted for 40.4%. Compared to the secondary market, the off-plan market sold 24,761 properties

worth a total of Dh45.5 billion, and the secondary market sold 36,480 properties worth a total of Dh105.56 billion. Also, this is the largest secondary real estate sale value since 2008.

Comparing 2020 with 2021, sales transaction volume increased by 74.77 per cent, and value increased by 110.19 per cent.

To put it into perspective, compared to pre-Covid-19, 2019-2021 saw an increase in the volume of 55.47 per cent.

During Q4 2021, 17,942 transactions worth Dh46.75 billion were carried out, the highest volume.

In terms of transactions, the off-plan market transacted 7,913 properties worth Dh16.92 billion.

The secondary market transacted 10,029 properties worth Dh29.82 billion. Compared to Q4 2020, sales volume in Q4 2021 increased 64.12 per cent and value increased 114.74 per cent.

Real Estate Market Q4 2021 

According to the latest Dubai Real Estate Q4 2021 data, off-plan transactions increased 14.53 per cent.

Transactions on off-plan transactions increased 25.38 per cent, while transactions on secondary sales increased 3.36 per cent.


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