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Perks of Choosing IBA Approved Packers and Movers

You might have heard about IBA-approved packers and movers. These companies are legally operating in the market. They are eligible for IBA approval.

Many packers and movers companies apply to get IBA approval. But only a few companies are lucky to get it. The companies need to fulfill a few eligibility conditions. This increases their chances of getting the IBA approval.

Contacting IBA-approved packers and movers firm is always beneficial. There is much difference in the services and facilities offered by an IBA company.

IBA or Indian Banks’ Association approves the packers and movers firms.

The Role of IBA

IBA or Indian Banks’ Association is a group of 237 Indian financial firms and banks. It offers unique codes to the packers and movers while approving them.

The company first checks the packers and movers firms on different parameters. If that particular company matches these parameters, then IBA approves it.

IBA ensures to offer genuine packers and movers services to the customers. These movers offer excellent moving services to the customers from their end.

This is the reason why so many customers pick these companies. Let’s know about a few benefits you will get after hiring the IBA-approved movers.

Registered Companies

The IBA-approved movers are in great demand these days. The reason behind it is that these companies fulfill the requirements of the IBA. These companies have licenses. So, these companies are the best for availing relocation services.

So they are operating in the market in a legal manner. All these moving agencies have expert staff that offers first-rate moving services.

IBA checks the companies on several parameters. The companies go through a strict verification process. The IBA provides unique codes to these firms.

Moving Insurance

Each IBA-approved packers and movers offer moving insurance to the customers. This insurance helps you move without any stress. The moving insurance covers your goods. So, you shouldn’t take stress about their damage or theft.

This insurance helps you in getting compensation for your goods. This makes your relocation a stress-free affair. So, it is advisable to opt for the movers that offer you insurance of this kind.

You have the opportunity of choosing from the 2 types of insurance from the companies. Either choose transit insurance or all-inclusive insurance as per your needs.

Quick and Safe Relocation

Make sure of getting an assured relocation while choosing IBA-approved movers. These movers have all the necessary facilities for a safe relocation.

They have the right transport vehicles and trained staff. This lets them offer the best relocation services to their customers.

The IBA-approved movers use the best packing materials to offer you the right service. Also, they take extra care in packing and loading your products.

The professionals of these companies organize a pre-move survey at your home. This lets them know the number of your products. It also tells you how much packing materials are needed for all your articles.

The companies must have at least 7 lorries to get the IBA approval. So, you will always get unparalleled services from your end. You will get your products on time which is the reason for choosing these companies.

No Extra Cost

IBA-approved moving agencies always quote affordable prices for their services. They do not quote random prices for their services.

Unlike most of the movers, they estimate their prices based on various factors. These professionals always quote fair prices to the customers. This is the reason why people prefer their services.

Many movers dupe the customers by demanding high rates from them. They do not take care of the factors to estimate their costs.

IBA-approved moving companies are reliable movers. They offer you professional services at no extra cost.

Multiple Services

These companies are different from other companies. They offer all services to the customers like car relocation, bike relocation, etc.

Other services they offer include factory relocation, office relocation, domestic relocation, intercity relocation, etc.

So, first, decide what type of services you want. Once you identify your moving needs, contact these professionals

Hence, contact them to avail of any services you need as per your requirements.

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PAN India Network

Generally, the IBA-approved movers spread to different cities of the country. So, moving to any city or state will be easy for you. Due to their huge network, they offer first-class services to any location you desire.

Also, if you look for their services in a new city, you can get them easily. The IBA ensures to offer quality services to you with a stress-free relocation. It also makes sure that your invoices are settled perfectly.

Professional People

The IBA-approved moving companies have trained professionals that offer you excellent service. They try their best to offer the best quality relocation services to you.

These people first identify your requirements and then offer you apt services

Easy Claims

IBA-approved companies offer you the best insurance facilities. When you experience any damage to your goods, claim the compensations.

Filing claims for your compensation is easy. If you experience any damage to your goods, file a claim to get compensation. You can also settle your amount with the banks.

Timely Delivery

IBA-approved movers are true professionals. They adopt the right approach in offering timely delivery of your consignments. These professionals take care of the pre-defined time. They try to deliver your goods within the stipulated period.

They are aware of the value of your time. So, they try to offer an excellent moving service as per your needs.

Bill Approval

If you are an employee of a bank, you must choose the IBA-approved movers only. You will get numerous benefits after choosing IBA-approved packers and movers.

Once you move, you need to copy the hard copy of the bill. You will have to submit the bill to your bank to get money from them.


Today, most people wish to avail the best IBA-approved packers and movers. These are reputed companies. They offer all their services with due care.

These professionals consider the requirements of the customers. Once they know their requirements, they offer them the service they are looking for.

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