7 Amazing Movies and Shows coming to Netflix in December 2021!

The year is ending, but Netflix is not done with releasing some of its best shows and movies. Its library keeps on getting bigger as it releases new shows and movies every month. With December just around the corner and the holiday season upon us, let’s discuss some handpicked best shows and movies that you will be able to stream on Netflix soon.

7 Amazing Movies Coming to Netflix in December 2021!

  1. The Power of the Dog

This movie has been one of the awaited titles on Netflix. It is the first-time ever that Benedict Cumberbatch has arrived at a Netflix original, and has given his excellent, like always, performance in the movie. The movie revolves around an intimidating ranch owner who has a huge influence on those around him. He is cruel, strict and set in his ways. We see him use his intimidation to the fullest against his brother and his new wife and son, which then unravels some of his most unexpected, unpredictable istanbul escort sides.


There is always a fun and quirky movie on Netflix that fits the Holiday season the best. Single All the Way is a great movie for single people who need to get away from holiday drama and family drama. Michael Urie plays the lead role. He is also dealing with family judgments, the holidays season, and nonexistent love life. Jennfier Coolige plays Aunt Sandy. She is a fun character with plenty of humor that gives the movie a lighthearted feel.

  3. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue is a movie set in India, telling a tragic story of a love triangle between 2 siblings and a young man. The sister, played by Anjali Sivaraman, is shown to be free-spirited, resilient, and strong. The movie is going to take you on an emotional ride, so make sure you are all set for such a movie. This Netflix original is anticipated by many people for its unique and twisted plot that is based on a best-selling novel by Sachin Kundalkar.

  4. Mixtape

This 2021 movie is all set to be released in December on Netflix. This movie uses a different approach to uncovering shocking and interesting facts about the parents of a young girl. The movie takes us back to 1999 when Beverley discovers a mixtape with so many things to share about her parents. This movie is great for friends and sleepovers, but it also has a feel-good vibe. The 12-year-old played by Gemma Brooke Allen has given a catchy performance, so there won’t be a dull moment in the movie.

  4. Voir

This documentary series is for cinema lovers and filmmakers in the making. The documentary is one of its kind, and it’s definitely good to see different topics being talked about other than basic thrillers and dark themes are usually seen on Netflix documentaries. This series is about some of the most famous movies of all time and reflects on the stories behind picture-picture movies in the history of cinema. It is made by the director of Fight Club, so you can expect a lot from this docuseries! Of course, this is not the best watch for everyone, and only a few people will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

  6. The Unforgivable

The biggest highlight of the movie The Unforgivable is that it stars Sandra Bullock as the lead character. This is a thriller drama that revolves around an ex-prisoner, troubled woman who cannot escape her past due to the harsh society around her. It takes us through the struggles of Bullock as Ruth Slater, who strives every day to rebuild a life that she left behind. There could have been no one better than Sandra Bullock to portray this powerful and moving story.

7. The Great British Baking Show

If you are a fan of reality TV and game shows, then you must get ready to stream The Great British Baking Show on Netflix soon. The show features a group of amateur bakers who face off one another and compete using their skills and knowledge about baking. The competition can actually be their gateway to becoming the UK’s well-known, one of the best chefs ever. The judges and their witty comments, along with food critic, make the show even more interesting for everyone. It is a fun way to spend some time together with the family in front of the TV.


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