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Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Motion Graphics Designer

As technologies have improved and newer technologies have developed, it has created newer technology-enabled job opportunities for people. One such opportunity is that of a motion graphics designer. It is a widely growing profession as the technology used in motion graphics get old very quickly and hence, there is a constant demand for newer and fresher approaches.

Video producers as well as motion picture makers want newer and more creative design and technology and for this purpose, there is a need for skilled motion graphics designers. These professionals add more character and personality to movies, shows, apps, and websites, lifting them from mundane to extraordinary.

Dezpad Designs, a leading motion design agency, has created many unique, innovative, and immersive motion graphics for businesses and brands. It realizes the importance of a motion graphics designer and wants to encourage beginners to learn more about this profession. That is why it has created this guide so that beginners understand everything about becoming a motion graphics designer.

Work of a Motion Graphics Designer

A motion graphics designer creates artwork work not just for films and television but also for the web. Also known as a 3D motion graphic designer, a motion graphics designer adds visual effects and animation to content and creations to make them more engaging and interesting.

In a digitally connected world, a motion graphics designer will find a lot of opportunities to work on online video content. Dezpad Designs also mentions that a motion graphics agency also works on augmented reality and virtual reality when there is a demand for interactive technology. The augmented and virtual reality tools allow motion graphics designers to complete the design process quicker and more efficiently compared to using desktop software.

Depending on the kind of motion graphics that a designer wants to pursue, they can work as freelancers, collaborate with a motion graphics studio to create videos and online content or work solely with the film industry. While working with a studio has its own advantage as motion graphics designers can get access to the latest software and tools, many prefer to work remotely as the profession does not in-office presence. It has been found that when motion designers work remotely, there are fewer distractions and they manage their own time to deliver work within the deadline. However, they lose out on collaboration as teamwork can make them more efficient and effective.

Motion graphic design

Preparing to Be a Motion Graphics Designer

Motion graphics designers require a combination of soft skills and technical skills. Whether you work for a motion graphic company or as a freelancer, here are some of the skills that Dezpad Designs believes are imperative to becoming a successful motion graphics designer.

3D Modeling

While 2D is still prevalent in today’s world, 3D motion graphic is highly sought-after to create engaging and immersive content. If you are keen to become a motion designer, you should learn the art of polygon modeling and NURBS modeling. This will enable you to create characters, branding videos, and product videos among others.

Animation Perspective

Animation is an integral part of motion graphics. Objects, light sources, and the camera can move. Hence, a motion graphics designer should be able to create a whole range of complex motions and movements so that animation is smooth and without any glitches.


Whether you are working with a motion design agency or as a freelancer, you need to be thoroughly organized. You should be able to organize assets, dependencies, and layers. This skill becomes more crucial as projects get bigger. Maintaining neatly organized files will benefit you in the future.

Procedural Animation

Creating motion graphics is a time-consuming job. As a motion designer, you can reduce the time you take by utilizing procedural animation. Using procedurally generated complex as well as simple algorithms can reduce the time you take to create and design graphics. You can use expressions, coding, and scripts to save time and make a robust process that can be revised, edited, and adapted to different requirements.

Texturing and Lighting Effects

Dezpad Designs states that the target audience sees images and shapes and not the model that the motion designer creates. Hence, textures and lighting are important to make 3D motion graphic more realistic. You can simulate textures and lighting to create rough, reflective, transparent, shiny, refractive, or translucent surfaces. The effects are endless and the more you practice, the better you will get.

Understanding of the Overall Picture

Before creating motion graphics, the designer should understand what the purpose of the design is and where it will be used. Once they understand this, it will be easier for them to use the right application and deliver the correct results. AR, VR, multimedia, video, and game design have different requirements and need different applications. You need to plan for it and ensure you deliver the right results.


It is prudent to remember that the scope and goals of projects keep changing. Hence, you need to be accommodating and make changes to the original versions after receiving client feedback. You cannot be rigid when the client wants certain changes.


Motion design is always story-driven and hence, to ensure that you create the best story, the graphics should have a natural flow and rhythm. You can design the most beautiful graphics but if you get the timing wrong, the entire motion graphics will look out of sync and distorted. Hence, you need to ensure that you get the right pace and rhythm when creating motion graphics.

Working with the Best Motion Design Agency

Dezpad Designs has had the distinction of working with leading brands and global companies. It has a team of highly-skilled, talented, and experienced motion graphics designers and is constantly looking for more talented designers to join its team. While it welcomes graphic designers and animators with degrees and experience, it also welcomes beginners, who have learned new techniques and skills.

Brands, websites, and companies looking to get ahead of their competition can collaborate with Dezpad Designs and get amazing motion graphics for their website, apps, and other digital collateral.

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