As a global platform for innovation and expression. Padlet is deeply committed to upholding and defending the right to free speech. At the same time, we define the boundaries around the less specific but more important couple of categories of content and behaviors. That put our customers at risk, endanger our structure, or damage our local environment.

What Padlet really follows:

Padlet celebrates the launch. We conclude that you should express your thoughts openly. And use the Padlet to show who you are, and what you like, think, testify, and accept.

What Padlet does not belong to you:

Evil Selfishness. Try not to perpetuate violence or gross disrespect for people or groups. Based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, preferences, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation. While we consistently acknowledge that the best response to abusive speech is not surveillance or extra talk. We will undermine the notion of retaliation, as outlined here.

Injury to the Younger. Be sensible when sending anything including a small child.

Conditions for content you should not post:

Child sexual abuse:

Do not post sexually explicit material that promotes or promotes child sexual abuse.
Pedophilia: Do not post content that promotes or promotes physical attraction to children. For example, do not make pads with pictures or video of children where the variety of pictures or text is physically attractive to accompany pictures.


Do not put children at risk, even if you are someone else. Adolescent life is hard enough without the fear, torture, and disunity brought about by web-based abuse.

Development and Praise for Self-Injury.

Try not to post content that promotes or promotes self-harm. This includes content that tends to encourage teachers to cut themselves or injure themselves; receiving anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders; or to eliminate it all instead of, e.g., seeking counseling or treatment, or incorporating into a consistent conversation with that grief or recovery from the brain or to other situations. Discussing these behaviors is incredibly important and online networks can be extremely useful for people struggling with these difficult situations. We plan to support the Padlet as a place of care, support and recovery, and remove those areas that are most prone to strong development or self-harm.

Content of Corpses and Exhumation.

Try not to expose the massacre. Ignore the mutilation or torture of humans, creatures, or their remaining parts.

Physically Exposed Content.

Try not to post sexually explicit images. That is all. The line between sex and work can be seen from time to time, or it may vary from one culture to another. An honorable check is to ask yourself – “Can I post this on my public Facebook channel?” If you do not want to, do not install it in Padlet.

Username and URL Abuse.

Padlet URLs (Padlet addresses) are for the use and enjoyment of our customers. Try not to reserve, collect, exchange, or sell Padlet URLs, and do not register a URL or username to impersonate one person, organization, or product.


Try not to handle public signals, and send unwanted messages or media. Try not to include misleading links or questionable code in your posts. Remember to use Javascript to place unwanted promotions on sites, or to invest in interstitial or innovative ad programs. Try not to use misleading methods to generate revenue or traffic, or to make Padlets with a larger shooter role. Spam has no place in Padlet.

Multiple Registration and Default.

Try not to register records or post content naturally, intentionally, or automatically.
Copyright infringement and trademark infringement. Note copyright and other brand names. In the event that you are not authorized to use someone else’s protected or reserved service (either explicitly or by special legal proceedings and restrictions such as proper use), do not do so. It is our way of responding to copyright infringement notices in terms of our Terms of Service and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Pantomime, Pursuit, or Abuse. Treat your neighborhood the way you would like to be treated. To deceive or despise an important person (and who does not do it?), Do not try to fool the teachers into thinking that you are a real person.

Security Violations.

Try not to use Padlet to get misleading personal data. Try not to post content that infringes on anyone’s protection, including explicitly identifying or classified data such as billing card numbers, government-owned retirement numbers, unlisted contact data, or confidential trash photos of a former (no matter how attractive).

Harassment, Exploitation, and Harassment of Services.

Our servers and the brave professionals who support them bind you. Try not to attempt unauthorized use, disruption, or duplicate of or our separate items and services, or in any misuse of Padlet property.

Illegal Use and Content.

This is really self-evident, yet Padlet is not a place for illegal conduct, which includes distortion of facts, crime of sensitive information, or harassment.

Moreover, for now, a few words from our legal advisers: If we close down abusing these methods. You may receive a notification via email. In the event that you do not make sense or correct your behavior. Your record may be suspended and your online address may be compromised. We do our best to ensure fair results. But in all cases we retain any authority required to suspend records or terminate content. Without notice, under any circumstances. But primarily to protect our administration, foundation, customers, or local environment. We may report you to the police.


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