Local SEO For Ecommerce

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of optimizing your business’s website to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing for keywords that are specifically related to your geographical location.

Many people think that Local SEO Is not necessary if you do not have a physical store; however , this  is simply not true.

Regardless of whether you have a local business or local product , local SEO can bring more customers to your website.

Professional Local SEO experts know how to rank your ecommerce store quickly, so if you want to focus on your business instead of local SEO, you can outsource it.

Goals Associated To Local SEO

  • The goal of local SEO is to make sure that when someone searches for products or services in their geographic location, the local business that services their exact location shows up in the local results. 
  • If a local business does not show up for local SEO, then there is a good chance that local consumers will go to a local business that’s listed in the 1st page of local search engine result pages.
  • One benefit of local SEO is to make sure your business  is listed in local directories. 
  • Local directories are critical to local business success because these local directories give local consumers a list of local businesses that they can search through and contact for their local needs.
  • Search Engines focus on local SEO will show local users information about local companies right at the top of the search results page. 
  • The reason why  local businesses rank very high on local SEO over non local businesses is because local search engines know that local users want to find local businesses to meet their local needs.
  • A local business can dominate the local searches and be on top of search engine result pages if they use local SEO properly and target keywords that are specific to this geographic location.
  • local SEO is a great way to get more local customers because local users always use local search engines to find local businesses like yours.
  •  local SEO should be used in conjunction with other traditional search engine marketing tactics such as pay per click (PPC), social media and email marketing.

The Local SEO For Ecommerce

The Local SEO industry has been witnessing tremendous growth. In fact, local SEO has been one of the most effective ways to boost digital marketing strategies in the last few years. 

Given that more and more people are looking for local businesses online, local SEO comes with many benefits for e-commerce websites.

Although local SEO is not complicated, it requires a good expertise so that local business owners invest wisely in the keywords they choose.

Benefits Of Local SEO Websites

Boost local ranking positions

Many researches have shown that local SEO has brought lots of benefits to different local businesses. 

If you are targeting an area with traffic problems, local SEO will help you reach local customers who are looking for local businesses. 

Moreover, local SEO increases the visibility of your ecommerce website on local search engine results thus increasing the number of visitors to your website.

Increase traffic

A study conducted by BrightLocal reveals that 89% of consumers now use local search engines to find local business. This means local search will only continue to grow. All local business owners now need local SEO for their ecommerce businesses.

Increase brand awareness

One of the benefits of local SEO is that it brings more traffic to your website thus increasing the number of visitors. Although you may not get all local customers, local search engine results bring many local people to your local ecommerce website.

Improve local credibility

Most local businesses have a local presence on social media platforms where local SEO will help their brand appear first in the search results, which is a proof of credibility and trustworthiness for potential local customers. This, therefore, brings more local clients and revenue for local business owners.

How Local SEO Works For Your Ecommerce Business

Local SEO uses local keywords, local addresses and local phone numbers to reach local customers. 

If you are a local hotel owner in Paris, local SEO will help you rank first on local search results when someone is looking for hotels in Paris. 

Ranking first on local search results makes it easy  for local customers to find local businesses.

Local SEO works differently for local and national searches. Since local search is different from the national one, local SEO seeks to target local keywords rather than general keywords. 

So what local SEO does is help you be found first on local search results thus increasing leads and sales for your ecommerce business.

Steps To Optimize Local SEO For Your Ecommerce Site

Optimizing local SEO for your e-commerce website allows local customers to discover local products.

For local businesses, optimizing local SEO is important when trying to reach out to local customers. Local SEO should be combined with regular organic search engine optimization (SEO) in order to get the best results.

Search engines like Google find your  local SEO information in local business directories, local yellow pages, local newspapers and local magazines.

Submit your information to as many local internet business directories as possible to reach maximum customers.

  • Claim Your Google My Business

One of the most important strategies for getting good rankings is claiming your Google My Business listing. The thing is many people don’t realize this. Once you claim your listing everything else will fall into place including local SEO.

Google+ Local can be used as a business directory and as a social media platform where people can  engage with your business, reviews, photos and videos.

You can use Google+ to use as a local citation for small business.

It doesn’t matter if you are setting up shop for the first time or already have an existing website, claiming your Google My Business listing should be one of your  first steps.

When you claim your Google My Business listing, you get the ability to edit and also control things like:

  • what information is found on your business listing
  • such as address, hours, phone number etc.
  • You can upload photos and videos of the business
  • as well as manage user reviews left by customers which all help with local SEO rankings.


  • List Your Business On Major Directories

Basically, a directory is a site or book that lists information about other websites or businesses. They usually contain names and contact details, as well as user reviews and recommendations.

Another type is a paid or sponsored directory listing . To list your business you need to pay an upfront fee. And your business details appear alongside others on their website.

The ones you’ll access through the internet are free. But if you want a more prominent position, you may have to pay for that privilege.

  • Adjust Transactional Keywords

Adjust your website’s content with the right set of keywords. Add more transactional keywords to your site.

Add more pages related to your domain or industry.

This way you can target more potential visitors to turn them into customers.


For your ecommerce site, local SEO is crucial since your local customers should be your number one priority.

Local audiences are most likely to convert.

Start your local SEO campaign right now to increase traffic, leads, and sales.

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