Low-Level vs High-Level API Solutions: Which one to Choose for your live Video calls Application? 


These are exciting times for online videos. live Video calls  is a supportive means to all types of organizations. So, when you want to incorporate video conferencing software for organizational use, many questions pop. Whether should you build this functionality internally, or is it easier to use a video calling api for android? Also whether would you want to use a low-level API, or a newer API with more features and prebuilt UIs? In this post, we will discuss about what an API is and how do they function. Also we will get you deeper into low-level API versus higher level APIs. 

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APIs explained with the benefits of using them


API or Application Programming Interfaces are small pieces of codes that help digital devices, softwares and data servers to communicate with each other. It is a software to software interface and does not require any user intervention. In simpler words, think of an application that you use every day. These applications are meant for humans to use but APIs are designed for use by digital systems and applications to interact with each other. Like any website, a video call API also returns data, images, video, content etc.; but it cannot return every detail in a form that humans can understand. It returns only raw data and machine-readable information to put the resources to work. 

What is API: Definition, Specifications, Types, Documentation | AltexSoft

APIs allows developers to add features and functionality to the apps. With an API, developers do not need to start building an app right from the scratch. This can save a lot of their time and money. Many product teams prefer to use APIs to integrate common features but not for the features unique to their own product. Here are a few real-world examples of API categories that are used widely:


  • Payment processing (Stripe)
  • Customer support chat (Mixpanel)
  • Sending email from an app (Mailchimp)
  • Text chat (CONTUS MirrorFly)
  • Video chat (CONTUS MirrorFly)


Choosing a best live video call app for product functionality, saves money and efforts, as it gives the benefits of proven flexible technology. One does not have to struggle solving technical issues that are already solved. The team can focus on their core product and their core functionalities. 


Low-Level vs High-Level API Solutions for your business needs

5 Benefits of Integrating APIs for Your Small Business

Now that you have decided to add video conferencing to your website and use APIs, you need to know that APIs have different levels of functionalities. This is the time to narrow down your search to know what type of API, from which vendor would you want to use.

Low Level API programming interfaces are very detailed, as it lets the programmer tweak functions within software or within the hardware at a base level. Well-elaborated low-level APIs are very powerful. Experienced programmers like to use them since these APIs have a wide range of capabilities and efficiency. Low level APIs are more customizable and extend free functionality to vendors. 

In other words they give you more control, but more effort goes into writing codes to create functional features.  izmit escort

Let us understand this with an example. When we decide to build a house, there are several ways to venture into it. 

Get an assembled and finished house delivered with solid warranties and servicing conveniences.

Get your customizations done to on the prefabricated house for the personalized effect by hiring professionals or tweaking the standard plans.  

You gather a team of professionals like an architect, contractor, and electricians etc. to build the house from square one. 

You take a step ahead and head to the woods to choose the trees you want to use, gather your choice of stones to set the foundation. 

 live video call app from the genesis

Hence there is a scale at which you want to work from first option to the last one. APIs work in a similar manner, the more you inspect, and more you need to get into intricacies. And if you want to take control of each area, you may need more time, money and expertise.  A “Low-level” API resembles step 4, when you decide to pick your woods yourself or add live video call app from the genesis.  izmir escort

In a full-featured API, there are pre-structured fragments to work with. Full-featured API provides the capabilities equivalent to the most advanced APIs. The user gets the advantage of full features with less development labor, testing, and maintenance. During a video call millions of codes run from your own app to the other operating systems and network servers. All of this can be achieved by clicking the button. They can provide more functionality and are easier to use without delving deep into the technicalities.  

Low-level vs full-featured APIs


  • Low-level code in a video call handles raw audio/video data, compression, encryption, routing, bandwidth and connections between devices and servers. 
  • The codes to set up connections between devices and network servers, make a video call function, are also low level codes. 
  •  Coding for the user interface of live video chat app, buttons and controls (that are visible) to the users are higher level codes.
  • Finally, your choice of API boils down from the factors like how much of time, focus, resources, and expertise you want to use.
  • What an API is and How it can Enhance PPC | PPC Hero

Develop A Brand New Video Chat Solution Or Use A SaaS Solution? 


As we have seen above, there are two possible ways to build live video chat apps. First is to build it from scratch and the other is to use a ready-to-use white label video chat app. Choosing a Video chat API, gives the liberty to decide how much of the coding work you want to take up? One can choose to have a low-level API or opt for more flexible, full-featured APIs or build live video call app from the beginning. Full-featured video chat APIs like CONTUS MirrorFly lets you have a complete video chat widget with very little use of native codes. CONTUS is a noticed name in this marketplace for providing outstanding features, with a flawless user experience when it comes to APIs.

What is the best solution to build a video conference system? - Quora

Its 100% customizable features, with  end-to-end encryption, one time license cost, high scalability, SIP/VoIP calling ,high-end security and 150+ features makes it the best video chat app companion. It is highly flexible and reliable in terms of video call integrations in android, iOS and web apps. Furthermore, whatever your business needs are, CONTUS can seamlessly embed video chat layout appropriate for your business specific needs. So if you want to have best of all the worlds for your video chat app, CONTUS is the right partner. 


Finding a vendor is about recognizing who offers all-in-one, faultless technology that best addresses your business and its technical API requirements. APIs offer a powerful tool to help speed your business operations, and so much more. I hope that this entire article has given you some more resource on how to make the best live video calling app. sakarya escort

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