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IFB Washing Machine Repair and Service at Your Door step

Check Out The Ways To Repair Your Washing Machine By Yourself

A washing machine is a home appliance used to wash clothes and remove dirt and stain from clothes. The washing machine is cost-efficient and can go for longer days if taken better care of. Additionally, the benefits of a washing machine are several and it saves you time and energy. Moreover, a washing machine can protect the quality and color of your favorite clothes and provide you with fresh clothes to wear. And this enhances your beauty and you can go out more confidently.

Certainly, IFB washing machine service centre Delhi is extremely important if you want to get the best out of your machine for a long time. And that is why it is important to contact your service provider. However, it may not always be possible for you to get the service provider’s help. Or you may not feel the need to contact a service provider. And that is why we are to let you know a few tips that will save you in emergencies. So, do stay with us to know the tips so that you can fix the minor problems of the washing machine by yourself.

How To Repair Washing Machine By Yourself?:

The washing machine repair is not a much task if you do it carefully and follow the steps properly. Additionally, you may think the repairing part is complicated however, this is not true as most of the washing machines are easy to handle and repair. So, let us know the tips to repair your washing machine without further ado.

Tools For Repairing Washing Machine:

A few tools are needed to repair the washing machine, and those tools are nut drivers or socket sets, screwdrivers, and a flashlight. So now, let’s see how you can repair the washing machine.

Fixing Of Your Washing Machine:

Every washing machine follows four circles: filling, washing, draining, and spinning. Although these are 4 basic parts of a washing machine, things can go wrong with any of these. However, you can fix them alone with the guidance of your service provider or by going through our blog.

The tips to fix your washing machine are mentioned below.

  1. Check The Plug:First and foremost, you need to check the power button of the washing machine. Then, go behind the washer to check whether the power cord is plugged in or not. In addition, when a load of clothes is huge, the machine moves vigorously and may unplug the cord accidentally. Furthermore, an unplugged cord may lead to severe breakdown as well. So be aware of that first.


  1. Check The Circuit:Secondly, you should check the circuit breaker of the washing machine to know whether it is flipped off or not. It is recommended to be aware of the circuit breaker to know where the problem is in your washing machine. To rest the circuit breaker, one needs to find the electrical service panel. Besides, to reset the circuit breaker, flip it ‘off’ and then turn it ‘on,’ making the washing machine fine.


  1. Do Not Overload:Overloading the washing machine is not a good option. Furthermore, overloading the washing machine does not work properly, and your clothes may not get cleaned well. To avoid overloading the washing machine and make space for clothes to get rid of dirt.
  1. Use Appropriate Detergent:Detergent is an essential part of washing clothes. However, when you use a huge amount of detergent, it may lead to a serious problem for the washing machine. So do not use extra detergent and use it in an appropriate quantity to ensure that the washing machine is working properly. Apart from that, do use the right detergent for your washing machine.
  1. Wash Pet Clothes Separately:If you have pets in your home, do not wash their beds, chew toys, or use clothes for them. It is always advisable to wash the pet clothes and beds separately, and if those beds and clothes are dirty, hand wash your washing machine with cold water as it will keep the washing machine disinfected.
  1. If It Is Noisy:If you notice noise in your washing machine, you should not avoid it.  washing  machine repair in Gurgaon Near me is needed, you can do it all by yourself to get doorstep service. First, diagnose the noise and then check the pump, pump motor, and drive motor to know the noise source.You can get in touch with a washing machine repair  in Delhi If your washing machine isn’t working properly. You can take care of everything to acquire doorstep service on your own.
  1. Leakage Check:Apart from all of these, it is not advisable to neglect it if you notice leakage. The lack of maintenance can lead to a serious problem. When you see leakage in the hose pipes of the machine, try to stop it and if it is not stopped, call a professional. However, you should check the pump, gasket regularly to avoid any mess.
  1. Agitator:If the agitator is not working properly, you should replace the agitator to avoid serious problems.
  1. Check The Level Of Washing Machine:

You should check the washing machine’s level on the floor in case it is not spinning. This feature is installed in the washing machine to ensure safety. And an imbalanced washing machine Amy does not spin or work properly as it should.

  1. Drainage System:

A proper drainage system is important for the washing machine, and if you notice the drainage system is not working appropriately, do inspect the drainage and drain hose pipe. In addition, sometimes dirt gets clogged in the drainage hose pipe and interrupts the drainage system, so do check it.

  1. Clear The Clog:Clogging is a common thing in the washing machine, and after using it for a certain time, the pipes and pumps of the washing machine are insulated with dirt and other things which are good for the machine, and you may not get clean clothes when there’s clogged in the pipes. So, we recommend you clear the clog so that your machine may work properly.

So, these are the ways to keep your washing machine repaired all by yourself. However, if you need the washing machine service in gurgaon and you cannot repair it by yourself, contact a professional IFB washing machine repair Delhi to maintain your washing machine.

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