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How to use a Juicer Mixer Grinder?

Juicing is a great way to get a lot of nutrition from your favorite fruits and vegetables in one go.

However, it is also quite a simple process. It is a kitchen appliance that combines the roles of the juicer, mixer, and grinder into one device.

A juicer mixer grinder is a unique tool that makes it possible for you to save kitchen space, time, and effort you spend on cooking. Juicer mixer grinders are commonly used in many houses.

You can finely shred, shred or crush all your fruits and vegetables for the perfect juice, smoothie, or milkshake. This blog will take a look at how to use a juicer mixer grinder.

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Properly lock your jars

The mixer grinder should always be set up before you decide to use it.

If the jars aren’t lever locked, this can lead to catastrophic damage being done on the blades, which are pretty fragile despite looking quite tough from the outside.

The improper fitting of the jars can mean a big surprise for you.

If you thought you were about to use your mixer grinder for some cooking and suddenly got blasted by a kettle of hot water or something like that!

As such we hope that before use and after washing them, the jars will be properly locked onto their respective places and not before anything else is done first.

Don’t use hot ingredients

Preparing the ingredients before getting started on grinding can be key to success.

Allow your ingredients to reach room temperature to give them time to settle and not knock each other out of balance during the process.

It allows at least 7 minutes for your flour and water mix to cool down as sufficiently mixing all of the elements can be tough when they’re too hot and will require a longer mixing time than necessary, which in turn will slow down the overall grinding process.

If you’re having trouble distributing the contents evenly or if your ingredients are continually clumping up while being ground, try gently flattening them out with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon before stirring again.

This should help promote a better consistency so that the bananas get cut consistently for more even baking results in your finished products.

Clean the mixer grinder after every use

The mixer makes grinding spices fast, but that means it gets dirty too. That being said, you have to clean it after each use!

The jars get coated in oil/fats quickly because of the way they grind. Clean them with dishwashing liquid and wash them with water.

If you made anything with strong flavors that come out intensely in smell, then give the jars a quick rinse using lukewarm water to remove the oils.

Wipe all the jars down with a bar towel and put them upside down to let them thoroughly dry out before you know it!

Now on to cleaning the body of the mixer grinder – use a toothbrush to release any gunk from deep in crevices created by different ceramic components twisting and turning every time you switched on your machine. 

Make sure not to leave your mixer wet for a long time as this might cause mold growth over time even though there are no holes for water to seep through – so make sure your mixer is dry immediately when you’re done cleaning it!

Leakage from the Jar

This problem is quite common, especially when the appliance isn’t new anymore.

If the blade-jar connection becomes loose over time, it can be easily tightened using a screwdriver.

Circumstances such as this one often result in jar cracking. However, you shouldn’t panic!

A simple replacement of the cracked jar is all that’s needed to get your mixer working again.

Just make sure to call for professional help if you’re not experienced with managing hardware components on your own.

FAQs related to how to use a juicer mixer grinder?

Can we use a mixer grinder as a juicer?

Waste no time juicing your way to health. Call or visit us today.

If you’re ready to grind up on your path to a healthier lifestyle, be sure to use the right blender for the job!

One mistake is using your old blender and not giving it the royal treatment it deserves – which can happen when you juice too many green veggies at once.

While there are other blenders out there that might get suited more towards juicing, we’d love to share some with you of ours, so give us a call or drop by soon!

When making homemade juice we always recommend using a separate juicer.

The motor in blenders and food processors can drastically alter the color of natural juices; an unwanted shade that’s far from appetizing!

Which is a better food processor or juicer mixer grinder?

If you want to make juice, but don’t have a machine that can handle jaggery (hard, unrefined sugar).

Then it might be advantageous for you to go out and purchase a machine like the Bajaj multifunction Juicer mixer Grinder.

This is because the machine not only churns out juice for you but also grinds chutneys and makes batter for cakes! 

What is a juicer mixer grinder?

A juicer mixer grinder is a handy device that can be used to juice, mix and blend while also grinding.

It is a must-have if you want the best type of all these things! The machine has a heavy-duty motor, to take care of all demands and needs.

This means all people from around the home will have what they need when it comes down to essential food preparation.

A juicer blender whose main job is mostly squeezing out fruits and veggies but who also does the work for the basic making of some mixed shakes or smoothies this device is a real workhorse!

As we said above there are typically three jars that come with juicer mixers: one glass jar being placed on top of two stainless steel containers both also identical in size

What is the difference between a mixer grinder and a blender?

A blender usually has only one set of blades that can be used at different speeds to cut up food into a fine liquid.

Even though a mixed grinder has fixed blades that rotate at different speeds, there is still the same amount of cutting power as a blender.

However, with heavy usage and experimentation with your mixer grinder, it makes this tool perfect for daily use!


We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to use a juicer mixer grinder. Juicing helps you get more nutrients and vitamins in your body.

Juicing also helps with weight loss and is an easy way to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

With a juicer mixer grinder, you can make delicious juices right at home. We hope the information in this blog post was useful for you!

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