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How to get Wi-Fi at home in 4 simple steps?

If you want unlimited wireless internet for your home, you should have a WiFi internet connection. WiFi internet connection, also known as WiFi, is a remarkable technological breakthrough. In the absence of WiFi technology, your internet connection limite to devices connected to the modem using the Ethernet cable.

Also, you restricte to the distance of the cable. If you have to move your laptop to your next space, you’ll have to unplug it to end your internet connection. With WiFi, your entire house is covered by fast and reliable wireless internet. Being able to connect to WiFi from home is an enormous benefit.


Don’t fret if getting a WiFi setup at home appears a bit difficult or too complex for you! This is a quick guide to getting it done in four simple steps.

Step 1: Purchase an internet-connected router.

The first step in enabling WiFi in your home is to purchase an internet router if you don’t have one already.

In the past, the broadband modem, as well as your router wireless, were distinct devices. Your ISP provided the modem, and you went to your local electronics store to purchase the router. Nowadays, most ISPs provide a device that functions as both an internet modem and a wireless router.

At MATE, we allow you to bring your wireless modem and router. If you’d rather, you can upgrade to our preconfigured NBN-ready modem for only $149. The modem comes with wireless capabilities included. The most appealing aspect? It’s preconfigured, so you’ll skip steps 2 and 4.

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Step 2: Connect your wireless router.

(If you own a combination device as described in step one, then skip this step. )It’s now time to join your WiFi router with your broadband router (sometimes known as Internet gateway). 

Broadband modems can have a variety of designs. However, every model will come with a LAN port. 

If you’ve been using wired internet, this is the port your LAN cable  already connect to. If you can see several LAN ports, you should look for a mark that says “OUT” or “to router” on the one you see.

When you have located a LAN port in your gateway or modem, connect the cable for LAN to the modem and another end into the “IN” port on your wireless router. Be sure that both devices power and also. It will take a few minutes for both devices to boot up and then move to step 3.

Step 3: Configure your wireless network.

The steps you need to follow for setting up your wireless network differ for each brand. Also, make sure to compare this guide with the directions included with the wireless router. Finally, connect to your wireless gateway either by plugging your computer into the spare LAN port of the gadget. Or by joining your default network address (included or on your router or in the documentation).

After that, log into your router by following the instructions provided (often, it’s as simple as typing an IP address, such as, into your browser’s address field). You can change the network’s name as you wish to make sure you create a memorable and secure password. Suppose you have the option to choose, select WPA2 encryption as it will be the safest. Finally, make sure to click “Save” before exiting.

Step 4 Connect!

Remove the LAN cable from your computer, then look for WiFi networks. Select the one you have just set up. Then create your password, and you’re done! Next, try navigating to a well-known website like Google and MATE to check your connection.

That’s all there is to it! It’s time to get your business up and running right now. If you’re not, then call your local technical assistance (that’s our team!). Call us today to resolve any issues you’re experiencing.

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