10 Types of Sports Awards

Sports awards are awards made to honor the best performance of an individual or individuals in sports. They are presented to professional athletes, amateurs, teams, and coaches following or throughout a competitive season by many different organizations.

Awards are more prevalent in individual sports. It includes sports such as boxing, tennis, golf, and especially swimming where no team trophy is given. In international sports, awards are concentrated at the highest levels of play. Similarly, awards typically being given for individual match wins or series results in team sports.

Here are 10 of the most common awards sports awards given to athletes.

1. Medals

Medals are common awards typically presented to those placed top three in a sporting event at an international or national level, although awards below second place are also given. It is usually consists of a metal disc bearing the event name and an inscription on the ‘back’ of the medal, as well as a ribbon drape to attach the medal to the wearer.

2. Trophies

Trophies are awards given out in sports and games by one or more players to other players which they perceive as having had an impact on the game. These awards may be presented competitively or ceremoniously (such as at a pre-game awards ceremony or at the end of a post-game awards presentation). Trophies may be made from metal, wood, glass, crystal, stone, and plastic.

3. Podiums

Podiums are three-level towers where awards such as trophies and flowers can be placed to mark special celebrations (e.g. winning a sports event or an anniversary).

4. Mugs

Mugs are awards given to the winners of a sporting tournament or event which typically have two handles. Also, it depicts a sports-related theme on one side, and an award winner’s name and/or date on the other.

In most cases, they are ceramic cups that can be used for a drink once awarded. However, trophy mugs may also be made of plastic or other types of materials.

5. Bowls

Bowls are awards often given to sports teams that have won a tournament but can also be awarded for individuals. There are bowl trophies, bowl medals, and “fat” bowl awards which are awards in the shape of bowls that contain insert plaques with awards or engraved plates.

6. Shields

Shields are awards that consist of a shield-shaped plate bearing a sports-related image in the center and a sports-related inscription around the edge, which can be hung from a ribbon attached to it for carrying at displays, events, and ceremonies.

7. Plaques

Plaques are awards made from wood, metal, or other materials which have a plaque-shaped or plate-shaped award on top with a flat surface for engraving information.

8. Certificates

Certificates are awards given to individuals, teams, and clubs for the completion of a certain achievement in a sporting event, such as completing a “first-run” or an “unbeaten season”. These awards are given in various forms which often include a certificate, trophy, or medal.

9. Stick Pins

Stick pins are awards given to the first, second, and third place winners of a tournament which can be attached to clothing by pushing their sharp pin-like ends into it. Likewise, the winner’s name, event, or team logo is often engraved onto the head of the stick pin.

10. Jackets

Jackets are special awards that are given to the winner (or winners) of a sports match or game that are worn on top of clothing, typically partway through the awards ceremony.

These awards are usually in the shape of coats that can be closed at the front by various means such as buttons, zips, and ribbons. Similarly, they often feature an embroidery design with the event name or a sports team logo.

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