How should beginners approach PHP?

In the world of digitization and online presence of everything is important. Creating your website is a vital part of expanding your business. using PHP as your code language can help you create a fast, convenient and efficient website. PHP is one of the most mature languages for coding.  As everything has two sides,  has its own set of pros and cons. Without an API lets you show your code result on Html client side. 


  • The language is versatile

Php language can easily be combined with other coding languages to make it work faster, with the availability of extensions in php language the applications can work faster. Many applications are initially built on PHP but now they are partially on it adding many faster extensions to it. PHP allows the user to choose the browser and even the freedom to choose the operating system they want to work with. It is compatible with almost all popular web browsing servers.

  •  PHP Developers are Readily Available

Almost 70% of developers know how to code in php, so the availability of php developers is high which makes the development cost low due to higher competition, this makes the php developer budget friendly. To become a developer one has to upgrade his/her skills. Start finding the PHP Course in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi or wherever you live. Then, check if there are professionals or experts as their faculty.

3.It Has Many Frameworks and Libraries

Php simplifies the development procedure by offering a basic structure, they help lessen the complexity of the project by allowing the developer to customize the website without adding length codes. 

  1. They Require Lower Hosting Service Fees

As php projects are budget friendly the hosting fees is not much which makes it more favorable compared to others. Many businesses have basic structure of websites which makes it more convenient with the help of PH, as php is an open source software it makes the companies cost less as they won’t have to build a different software for it, they just have to focus on server.

  1. Declining Popularity

Php though is one of the popular language but with the new emerging languages which are much more easier than php as they are similar to english language and provide many functions which have to be manually written in PHP makes it less used language 

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  1. There are Many Low-Quality Developers

As PHP has a monopoly of 70% many developers have this as their basic language skill which can affect the project quality as php is a simple language and there might be complexity which may be out of their capability.

  1. Performance Issues
  2. if not optimized properly php cannot hold many requests which states it is a slow language. The variables are checked during the execution instead of the compilation process.


  • Php is free

Anyone from anywhere can develop, build and create a website without buying php. Which allows the community easy access. 

  • Man of all work 

As php can can create any type of websites and solve any kind of problem, with availability os a large number of plugins and features it makes it one of the best versatile software available

  • Broad support of databases 

Php supports most of the popular databases like oracle, MySQL and the list goes on. It makes it easier to connect the database with the application allowing you to focus on your code.

  •  Easy to learn 

To get a language popular among developers is to give them an easier and organized way of learning and building the application. 

  • Build an app quickly using Framework. 

With PHP being an open source and having a large library of codes help the developer to create websites and applications more easily and efficiently PHP provides many frameworks to the developers to choose from when they start the project of their own. 

  • Develop Anywhere, Run Everywhere

Php lets you develop, create, and build from anywhere and anytime with modern OS, hardware.  You can run PHP virtually with the help of cloud.

  • Security 

The security of PHP software depends upon the developers coding and practices. It is as secure as any other language. Every open source language is prone to vulnerabilities but php learns how to quickly recover from it.

  • Performance and stability. 

Php has been used for the last 25 years with support from many websites such as facebook and wikipedia. Hypertext processor has evolved and improved in its stability and performance mostly in the memory segment.



Most importantly Php language for the last two decades has been the most used coding language, and there is no sign of it even slowing down. It is the leading software due to its affordability. Having a customer acquisition of 78.9% php, with it being easy to learn and use, it is the best language to start learning about coding. Php has been one of the most popular web development languages.

WordPress has used the php language in bulk in making it, which makes php the most important part of wordpress . As php can be embedded easily in HTML, which make it more convenient for developers to understand and implement. 

Youtube has thousands of tutorials about php development. learning php development in a lengthy and detailed form can actually help you get some actual skills. 

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