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8 Secrets to Avoid a Yoga Injury

Yoga has been a part of human history for thousands of years. This ancient art has helped millions enjoy peace of mind and body. There are numerous yogic techniques and exercises which help you enjoy good health and well-being. Unfortunately, injuries are also a painful reality of all yogic practices.

These injuries can range from a simple backache to severe joint-related issues. Luckily, yoga experts from around the world have curated a list containing the secrets to avoiding these.

Secrets to Avoid Injury with Yoga

Given below are eight powerful secrets to help you keep yoga-related injuries at bay.

1. Warm-Up

You should come early to the yoga class and take some time to relax. Start with a simple breath awareness yoga exercise and connect it with your body movement. Yoga teachers recommend that you start with gentle stretches as going too fast would lead to strain and muscle pull. Following the yoga teacher’s advice would help you prevent a yoga injury with ease.

2. Focus on Breathing

Throughout the yoga class, you should always stay focused on breathing. Keep in mind that breathing also dictates your mental and physical state. Observe each inhale and exhale as that makes all the difference in whether you move ahead in yoga practice or stay stuck. Enroll in Yoga Alliance certification to know the best yogic breathing techniques.

3. Make Changes

Do not shy away or feel awkward when using yoga props, especially if you find it hard to practice a specific yoga asana. Let the teacher know in advance about any injury or condition which interferes with your ability to practice yoga.

Similarly, yoga teachers recommend that you should take a step back or ask for support when you are not able to do a yoga asana the correct way. Do not be ashamed of using props as these keep you safe from a yoga injury.

4. Step Back

The moment your brain’s competitive side kicks in, relax and step away from the mat for a moment. Remember, yoga is a way to stay mentally and physically fit and not a competition you have to win. You should enroll in a Yoga Alliance certification program to know the safe way to practice yoga.

5. Know Yoga Alignment

The reason why many yoga styles focus on knowing about musculoskeletal alignment is it helps you understand how your body functions when in a yoga pose. Similarly, you should learn how to focus during an asana with a solid foundation. The knowledge of body alignment helps keep a yoga injury away.

Unfortunately, if your alignment is not right, you not just risk an injury but also do not get the full benefits of the yoga pose.

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6. Practice From Inside Out

Humans are visual beings, which means you learn by looking at something external and outside of yourself. In the case of yoga, you cannot advance to the next level unless you work on the internal reality.

In other words, the ancient art of yoga teaches that you have to improve self-awareness from the darkest layers of your being to the most subtle ones. The Yoga Alliance certification can help you connect with your true self without any hassle. Focusing on the mental and physical practice helps keep yoga injury away.

7. Follow a Home Practice Routine

If you sign up for a fast-paced yoga style like Vinyasa, a bad alignment can become a major hurdle when you want to level up the practice. However, developing a yoga practice routine at home can help you explore and refine asana practice without any distractions.

At the same time, you also find out things like;

  • Where do you experience the most compression?
  • Are you holding back in some yoga asanas?
  • What are your limits?

8. Know the Enemy

In a yoga practice, the biggest enemy to your growth as an individual is the Ego. It is not just about the ego of the self or pride, but more about identifying with a false self of thoughts and desires. Try finding out if you practice a yoga asana from the standpoint of willfulness or mindfulness.

Want to move ahead in the yoga practice? You should follow the guidelines mentioned above.


Although yoga might be thousands of years old, it still offers you numerous mental and physical benefits. You should enroll in the Yoga Alliance certification program to know all about practicing this spiritual art without risking an injury. Make sure you learn yoga under the tutelage of a highly skilled and experienced yoga teacher.

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