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Face Yoga For Slim Face: Exercises and Techniques

If your face has always been plump, rounded, and cherubic, all you want to do now is ditch the innocent appearance and replace it with a sleek and seductive one. There is a slew of face yoga for slim face to choose from, and we’ve compiled a list of some for you.

Benefits of Simha Mudra (Lion Pose): All of your face muscles are stimulated and toned when you use Simha Mudra. It is one of the most beneficial face yoga for slim face for the face and thyroid glands in the neck.

face yoga for slim face

Kneel on your knees and rest your hands on your thighs. Your jaw should be down, and your mouth should be wide open. Forcefully stick your tongue outwards, towards the chin. Make a lion-like roaring sound from the back of your throat while inhaling through your mouth. Rep the exercise a few times more.

Bandha Jivha (Locked Tongue Pose)

Jivha Bandha is a face chisel that molds your jawline and chisels your face. In addition, it tones your face muscles.

Step 1: Take a seat in the lotus pose. A cross sitting position is sufficient if Lotus’sposture is not pleasant owing to tight hips or knee tension. Place your hands on your lap in a comfortable position. As though you’re attempting to swallow it, press the tip of your tongue against the top wall of your mouth. Open your mouth slowly and thoroughly, keeping your tongue in that position until you feel a stretch in your throat and neck. Repeat a few times more. Take a regular breath through your nose.

Bandha of Jalandhar (Chin Lock)

Jalandhar Bandha tones your facial and jawline muscles and molds your face. It’s a godsend for persons with double chins since the exercise is quite successful in removing successfully removes

The face of a Fish

Fish face tones and extend the muscles in your cheeks. It slims your face and makes your cheeks less flabby.

Procedure: Try to imitate a fish face by sucking your cheeks and lips inwards. Make an effort to grin while holding that expression. You will experience a burning sensation in your cheeks and jaw. Relax and do the exercise again.

Mouthwash Method

Benefits: Using a mouthwash approach to tone your cheeks and prevent a double chin.

Fill your mouth with air and repeat the procedure. Transfer air from one corner of your mouth to the other as if you were cleaning your mouth with mouthwash. Continue the method for a few minutes, then rest and do it again.

Lifting the cheekbones

Benefits: Cheek Uplifts are great for decreasing fat in your cheeks and toning your face to make it seem younger.

Sit comfortable and grin as broadly as you can. Now, using both hands, put the index and middle fingers on both cheeks. Raise your cheeks towards your eyes with the aid of your fingers. Relax after a few seconds of holding it there. Rep the exercise a few times more.

Chin Lift

Chin lift can eliminate your double chin while stretching your jaw, throat, and neck.

Procedure: Take a comfortable seat or stand. Tilt your head and your gaze upwards towards the ceiling. Tighten your lips and thrust them forward as though you’re attempting to kiss the top. Hold it for a few seconds before letting go. Rep the process a couple times more.

Roll your neck

Benefits: The most effective face yoga for slim face to getting rid of a double chin is to roll your neck. It tones the muscles of your chin, jawline, and neck. It tightens the skin around your neck, reducing drooping and wrinkles.

Procedure: Take a comfortable seat and keep your head forward. Now, spin your head in a circular motion while bending your head to one side in line with your chin. While doing so, keep your spine straight and your shoulders down. For a few minutes, do circular movements in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions, keeping the shoulders and scapulars from moving up towards the ears.

Pull your lips together.

Lip Pull tones your face muscles and offers you a prominent jawline and high cheekbones. It gives you a more youthful appearance.

Procedure: Take a comfortable seat or stand and keep your head straight and forward. By pulling your lower jaw out, lift your lower lip as far as possible. While doing so, you should feel a stretch in your chin muscles and jawline. Hold the position for a few seconds before relaxing and repeating.

Jaw Release

Jaw release results in sharper and more beautiful cheekbones, a more pronounced jawline, and a smaller double chin. The muscles surrounding your lips, jaws, and cheeks are stretched.

Procedure: Take a comfortable seat and move your jaw as if you were chewing with your mouth shut. While doing this, take deep breaths. Then, with your tongue on your bottom teeth, expand your mouth as wide as possible. Hold it for a few seconds before repeating a few times at a time.

The concentration of the eyes

Benefits: Smoothes out your brows.

Step 1 Close your eyes and open them wide. Check to see whether your brows are creased. Continue in this manner, focusing on a distant location. Hold the pose for around 10 seconds before relaxing. Rep four times more.

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