Eye Of Horus A Trending Fashion Jewelry

“With symbols, you’ll be able to see light in the darkness”

Light and darkness are the two sides of life that we live in. This has been very clear with the coronavirus pandemic vandalizing our plans and giving us the much-needed break. But, social media is leaving no stone unturned to pester us with cynicism. Under circumstances alike, how do we find the calm in the turmoil? Well, gentle reminders of positivity go a long way. The simplest yet elegant way to do so is by donning an emblem of protection. “Eye of Horus” is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents the sacral powers of good over evil. Not only do the free-flowing lines of the symbol look aesthetic but also protect one with the mystical power that it carries.

So if you’re an amateur or a connoisseur who wants to delve deep into the symbol of protection and don it like a fashion aficionado, keep reading!

Know The Origins Of Your Jewelry: The Folklore Of Eye Of Horus:

  • According to Egyptian mythology, the symbol emerges from the conflict between Horus, the god of the sky, and Set, the god of the desert.
  • The conflict between Seth and Horus takes place because Seth assassinates Orisis, the father of Horus.
    During the conflict, Seth dismantles Horus’s eye which is revitalized by Thoth, an ancient Egyptian deity. Horus offers the restored eye to his father, Osiris.
  • According to a dogma, the right Eye of Horus jewelry is associated with Sun while the left one is associated with the Moon.
  • Horus’s left eye was destroyed during the war which symbolizes the waxing and waning of the Moon.

Legends believe that Horus offered the eye to his deceased father to support him in the afterlife and is thus used in memorial offerings.

Trendy Fashion Jewelry Symbol Eye Of Horus Jewelry:

Here’s why “Eye of Horus” is a piece of trending jewelry!

  • Adds mystic touch to the look:

There’s no denying that the swirls of the “Eye of Horus” symbol are luring. Dainty and transcendental, the symbol represents mystical connection and adds divine glam to your outfit.

  • Amps up everyday wardrobe:

If there was one piece of jewelry that you’d never leave the house without, we bet it would be the Wholesale Eye of Horus pendant. The eye-shaped symbol sitting above the collar bone takes your everyday look a notch higher on the elegant side.

  • Makes a timeless trend:

The Eye of Horus symbol is sprucing up mainstream popularity. Well, it’s has been here for as long, and so, we believe it’s going to be around for time immemorial. Blame the exquisite beauty of the emblem!

  • Gels well with crystals:

The healing powers of crystal and the mystical forces of the Eye of Horus symbol makes a power duo. The unifying energy of crystals with the insignia of Horus not only looks splendid but also works wonders for the wearer. So, buy crystal-decked Eye of Horus necklace wholesale now!

  • Represents Ancestral Egypt:

Belonging to the Ancient Egyptian era, the symbol keeps alive a piece of the ancient culture and craftsmanship of Egypt with us. Call us biased, the beauty of the symbol multi folds when adorned as jewelry.

How To Wear Handmade Eye Of Horus Jewelry For Protection:

  • The Eye of Horus is considered to be a symbol of truth and wisdom. Wear a dainty Eye of Horus pendant to gain the security and wisdom of God.
  • To protect you and your partner from unnecessary complications in the relationship, why not exchange Eye of Horus rings!
  • As a symbol of healing, the Eye of Horus protects you in your healing process. Wear a bracelet to always be reminded of the light and love around.

Buy Eye Of Horus Jewelry Wholesale From Manufacturers And Suppliers From India – Gemexi:

Now that you understand the ABCs of the “Eye of Horus” symbol. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor- Buy Eye of Horus Jewelry from Gemexi, Wholesaler & Wholesale Dealers from India. Stay on top of trends while being protected. It’s a win-win!

An ancient Egyptian symbol with mystical powers, the Eye of Horus Jewelry is a must-have if you’re always on top of jewelry trends. And if you don’t know anything about it yet, you’re really missing out on something huge. So don’t wait – read this article and gobble on the story of Eye of Horus jewelry and satiate the trend follower inside you with the styling ideas from the blog!


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