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Comprehensive Guide to Preparing for Yoga Teacher Training

Want to take the current practice of yoga to the next level? Do you wish to learn the spiritual and mental aspects of this sacred art?

Without a doubt, you should enroll in a certified yoga teacher training program. It will help you learn everything about yoga including its impact on your mental and emotional health.

However, to think of enrolling in the yoga teacher training and taking the first step are two different things.

Keeping that in mind, yoga experts have come up with a small guide to help you prepare for a yoga teacher training program.

Guide to Preparing for Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you want to enroll in the beginner 200-hour or advanced 500 hour yoga teacher training in India; there are a few things you should keep in mind when preparing for either.

That said, given below are seven tips to help you prepare for a yoga teacher training.

1. Take a Break

Yes! This sounds the exact opposite of what you want to do, but hear us out. It is necessary for your body and mind to be fully rested before signing up for the yoga teacher training program. Going to the yoga teacher training completely devoid of any energy is never a good idea.

2. Be Clear with Your ‘WHY’

The most simple yet complex question of all. Before you sign in the yoga teacher training, be clear about why you want to be a yoga teacher. Ask yourself if you want to teach yoga for the passion or the money. It will make things clear and help you take the right decision. This comes in handy even when you want to sign up for the 500 hour yoga teacher training.

3. Study Yoga Literature

Even though you might have been practicing yoga for a long time, the yoga teacher training is a whole another ball game. Yoga is not just about asanas and Pranayama, it is also about unlocking your true mental and spiritual potential.

In this regards, make sure you go through all the major yoga-based texts like the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and Bhagwad Gita. For you to dive deeper into this ancient art, it is essential for you to possess an in-depth understanding of yoga.

4. Choose a Style

With time, the ancient art of yoga has undergone a tremendous change in terms of styles. Whether it is Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, or Kundalini; there are many yoga styles that offer numerous health benefits.

Obviously, not every yoga style would suit what you have in mind in terms of theory and practical. For some Kundalini yoga might be the thing whereas you might be more comfortable with Hatha yoga. Therefore, even if you want to learn the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus it is recommended to choose a particular yoga style.

Doing this will help you focus intently on the chosen yoga style and gain mastery in the same.

5. Attend Different Yoga Classes

In the weeks leading up to the yoga teacher training, try out different yoga styles. It helps you choose a yoga style which suits what you have in mind. At the same time, you would be ready for the yoga teacher training program.

6. Talk to Recent Grads

Before you join the yoga teacher training in India, yoga experts recommend that you connect with someone who has recently graduated in the same course. They would answer all your queries regarding the yoga school, their teaching methodology, teachers, and program requirements.

It saves your precious time and money from being wasted in a yoga teacher training program not matching to what you have in mind. No matter whether you sign up for the 500 hour yoga teacher training or the foundation course.

7. Maintain A Journal

Yes! There is a lot to learn about yoga poses in the YTT. Journaling helps you keep all the vital information stored in one place. Moreover, it also helps you keep track of how far you have come in the yoga teaching journey.


A yoga teacher training requires utmost dedication of time and efforts. You should refer to this guide to prepare for the first YTT program. Whether it is the foundation-level or 500 hour yoga teacher training program, the guide would help you give it your best.

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