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Butterfly braids are a versatile hairstyle that can be paired with a variety of hairstyles such as
ponytails, buns, and buns, as well as curly, messy, long hair, and more best smelling shampoo.

After the butterfly braid is done, it stays put for a long time, requires little maintenance, and

is very protective for your natural Afro hair.

This butterfly bun hairstyle is one of a kind, and once unfolded, you can do it again and again.
This 90s-inspired look with a butterfly clip looks stylish and functional as it helps keep your hair
out of the way.

In this look, the hair is parted in the middle and the butterfly braid has its little section on each
side of the head.

Keep some points in your mind:

● Pay attention to the length of hair included in the braid, as you need to create a shape
that looks like a butterfly’s wings.
● When you working on one side of the head, twist the hair away from the face and tie it
with a butterfly clip.
● Use crochet to wrap loose wavy hair into a braid. Then take a one-inch section of hair
and secure it with clips from root to end.
● If, on the other hand, you want to try the special effect of the Butterfly hairstyle, combine
the length of the neck with barrettes and drape the hair along the entire length.

In the first method:

In the first method, after reaching the desired length, use some hair to tie the section into a knot
and continue winding the hair that is left on the section until you have no hair left to work with.

In the second method:

In the second method, after reaching the desired length, use got2b nail glue or gel spray on the
ends, and then wrap the remaining hair around the glued ends.

Make the butterfly hairstyle more fluffy, make more rings:

To make the butterfly hairstyle more fluffy, make more rings. When you have reached your
desired length, you can secure the section by wrapping your hair around your finger, as if you
were creating a knot
For those with finer or shorter hair (or if you just want a fuller look), you can also add gauze
braided hair here for more length and thickness. Whether you’re an experienced weaver or new
to creating your protective styles, butterfly spots are relatively suitable for DIY making.

Another thing that makes butterflies different is that butterflies are often worn in a shoulder-length

bob which gives the acute and chunky look, although you can wear them longer if you want! There’s
a debate in the natural hair community about which brand has the best butterfly hair for this carefree

style, but as long as you’re using water wave hair, you should be fine.

Butterflies are protective hairstyle:

Butterflies are protective hairstyles and are considered less damaging to natural hair than
braids. In 25 Butterfly Hairstyles, the main differentiating factor is the braiding technique and the
different hair blends used.

Types of butterfly hairstyles:

Any type of hair used for the bohemian aged butterfly curl and faux curl can be used for the
butterfly curl, but it is common to braid the hair in a water wave with a loose braid.

Stitches butterfly hairstyle:

Butterfly stitches are a type of faux stitch produced by the crochet method where wavy hair is
braided with a quarter note needle and then loosely twisted to give the braid a frayed/loose look.
If “butterfly” sounds like a style you’d like to try, read on to see some examples of layered
haircuts that can give the illusion of short hair.

You can style this hairstyle by parting short hair at the bottom of the crown and then pinning the
For example, butterfly hairstyles are great for soft waves styled with a straightener, but can also
be styled very smoothly.
There is no denying that the butterfly hairstyle adds freshness and quirkiness to the whole look.

Butterfly hairstyle with extensions:

To get the look of an elongated butterfly braid, you can use two pairs of natural hair extensions
and braid the butterfly braid along the side hairline to give the hairstyle a nice charm.
The side butterfly braid at the hairline is a very protective hairstyle.

when done after setting the lace wig on the natural hair and with the help of the sewing
technique, the braided hair is added on both sides.

Charming and adorable hairstyle:

The butterfly braid hairstyle is a very charming and adorable hairstyle that is obtained by
creating two braids on each side with a parting in the hair.
Another way to spruce up your hair with accessories or butterfly clips is to add them to trendy
In addition to having a moment, butterfly hair clips can also be easily added to hairstyles you
already know for a trendy update.

Butterfly haircut has noticeable layers:

The butterfly haircut has two noticeable layers, the first of which is the length of the
bangs-curtain, which is approximately equal to the length of the shorter hairstyle. As the name

Butterfly braids look like a crown as they start at the front around the head with a double braid
that ends with a single braid forming a large center parting in the center of the head. Then place
butterfly clips around the base of each bun, or on two symmetrical space buns.

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