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Barbecue On Wooden Deck Protection

Now that you’ve decided to use composite materials to construct your new deck, it’s time for the fun part: choosing the decking colour! However, the sheer number of colours available for composite decking may be overwhelming. There are more choices than just light and dark brown. From Mountain Redwood to Silver Oak, there are different tones with various undertones, and each one evokes a particular mood.
For those who are unsure of where to start, there is a colour guide for composite decking available. You don’t have to be a skilled designer or artist to figure out what decking colour goes nicely together.

Barbecue on wooden deck

Fortunately for master grillers, a fire is quite uncommon to start when you take the necessary steps to shield a low wooden deck from the risks of cooking. Although a low wooden deck is a typical place for grilling, it is well known that fire and lågt trädäck don’t mix. Read the following advice if you have a low wooden deck and wish to cook there by grill på trädäck skydd.

Employ a grill mat.

Grill mats are a great barbecue on wooden deck protection. Grill mats are available in many shapes and sizes to fit under almost any grill, and they are made to shield patios from sparks and grease stains. Shopping for a barbecue mat shouldn’t be done on a budget because less expensive items won’t protect your deck as well. To prevent being blown around, you should choose a barbecue mat that is both strong enough and wide enough to span a few inches in all directions surrounding your grill. To provide additional safety, check that your grill mat is fire resistant to stop the spread of flames in the event that an ember were to land on it.

Keep flammable items far from you

outdoor barbecue

It would seem like a no-brainer to move the grill away from walls or other combustible things before lighting it up, but many people do not remember to do this. When not in use, storing a grill against a wall is quite safe. However, when lighted, a good rule of thumb is to make sure that nothing, including plants, is within a 3-foot radius of your grill.

Keep a fire extinguisher close by

Even experienced grillers occasionally encounter a rogue grill flame. To stop the spread of fires, make sure you always have a fully charged fire extinguisher or baking soda nearby. Baking powder, a standard cooking ingredient, may be used to extinguish a grease fire by sprinkling it over the flames. These extinguishers are essential to avoid catastrophic damage because water merely serves as fuel for grease fires.

Consider the weather

You would generally refrain from cooking on a rainy day on an open patio, but you should also refrain from grilling on days with strong winds, especially if you want to use a charcoal grill. While charcoal is secure in your grill, blazing charcoal can be blown onto your low wooden deck by high-speed winds and start a catastrophic fire that can spread rapidly.

BBQ grill on wooden deck

Cooking in two zones

Cooking in two zone is barbecue on wooden deck protection. When grilling, two-zone indirect cooking is a great strategy to prevent flare-ups. Grills are set up with “hot” and “cold” sides for this cooking technique. To stop additional fat from dropping onto the charcoal and stoking the flame, swiftly shift the meat to the “cool” side of the grill if a flare-up does occur. After relocating the meat, cover your grill once again and wait for the flare-up to pass for a few minutes.

Regularly clean your grill.

To stop the spread of bacteria, your grill has to be cleaned often, just like any other cooking implement. It’s also crucial to get barbecue on wooden deck protection and get rid of combustible grease accumulation because neglecting to clean your grill is one of the main reasons for grill fires. Put a drip pan or water pan under your food to reduce the amount of cleanup required. Much of the combustible grease that might otherwise accumulate in your grill will be captured by the pan.

You won’t know the colours you like until you actually see them, even if we spent all day studying the theory of decking colour. Get inspired by the variety of grill decking alternatives offered by composite decking providers.

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