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All You Need To Know About Camping In Kasol


Camping in Kasol is one of the best decisions for a weekend getaway as this will be the weekend which will be remembered by you life long. Kasol is a town and a famous objective in Himachal mothered by the Parvati valley. It is known for its absolutely exhilarating journeys, flavorsome food, thundering stream and sincere humankind. Camping and trekking in Kasol are the most popular and exciting activities which one can do in Kasol. There are hundreds and thousands of tourists visiting the treks in Kasol but the riverside camping in Kasol is very underrated and not everyone does that as not everyone has heard about it. 

The most famous riverside camping in Kasol is near the Parvati river. The majestic beauty and the gushing sounds of the river water is peaceful for the soul. It will be one of the best moments one can spend in this riverside camping in Kasol because you will be going to experience one of 

How to reach the Parvati river camp?

The campground is around 1 km away from the Kasol market. Either open or private transportation can be profited to arrive at the area. The specific action area will be imparted to you solely after the affirmation of the booking. Also if you are directly coming to the Parvati river banks without landing anywhere else in Kasol then, The two closest air terminals to Parvati Valley are Kullu Manali Airport as well as Chandigarh International Airport. Flights are a piece on the costly end however help in slicing go chance to simply 90 minutes. When there, one can get nearby transports or recruit private/shared taxicabs to arrive at Parvati Valley.

Is it safe to do riverside camping in Kasol?

Riverside Camping in Kasol is totally safe for everyone, be it children. Adult or senior citizens. The tents in there are provided with a lock and key so you can lock your tent and roam around safely without getting worried about your stuff. Also the government of Kasol has applied various rules and regulations which if followed, you won’t be experiencing any problem while in your camp. 

Mobile networks

The versatile availability is accessible close to the riverside setting up camp spot however it isn’t the case great as far as the incessant availability just a couple of organizations can reach at the campground like Reliance Jio and Airtel. Aside from these organizations few organizations additionally work in Kasol yet not certain about the standard availability. 

Best time to visit Kasol

In order to make sure that you have the best experience while Camping and trekking in Kasol, it is very important for you to know which season or what is the best time to visit Kasol to enjoy with friends and family. Here you will come to know which time is perfect for you to have an amazing Camping and trekking experience in Kasol. 

Summer time 

The months from March to June, its late spring in Kasol with temperature going between 15 to 20 degree celsius. Travelers from various regions of the planet visit Kasol during these months for journeying, camping and trekking Kasol.

Winter time 

November to February is the ideal opportunity to enjoy the normal excellence of this spot. During this period the whole Parvati Valley is covered with a thick layer of white snow. The charming climate during these months further makes this spot best for love birds. Siping some espresso at the riverside bistros in the midst of clean glacial mass streams and frigid mountains with your adored accomplice is a delight to observe.

Monsoon time 

Monsoon time is advisable not to go as there may be chances of road and path blockages due to the rainwater because they are hilly areas, there must not be proper drainage system which may be a hurdle in your camping in Kasol.  And there might be some chances of incidents that can occur in that time. So as to enjoy on the safer side, it is advisable not to go there in Monsoon.

These are ideally the best times for both camping and trekking in Kasol. 


Camping and Trekking in kasol – 3

Camping in kasol – 8

Riverside camping in Kasol – 5 

Parvati River – 6

Best camps in kasol – 2

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