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Secrets How Body Acupressure Probe is Gaining Huge Popularity

Acupressure is a popular self-administered therapy to address a wide range of health conditions. In addition, it is ideal to help your body regain health and vitality. The body acupressure probe is an alternative medicine technique-based product based on the concept of life energy (qi or chi) that flows through the meridians in our body.

Note: according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, a minimum of 14 meridians connect our organs with other parts of our body. As a result, acupressure points lie along those meridians.

Theory behind acupressure

Acupressure is one of the best Asian bodywork therapies (ABT) with roots in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The other examples of Asian bodywork therapies include medical qigong and Tuina. In addition, Shiatsu is a Japanese form of acupressure.

The traditional Chinese medical theory explains some particular acupressure points that lies with the meridians in your body. These are the same meridians that target the acupuncture. It is believed that through these invisible channels flows important energy or a life force called qi (chi).

In addition, the 12 major meridians connect specific organs or networks of organs, organizing a system of communication throughout your body. Starting from the fingertips to brain, this meridian connects to an organ linked with a certain meridian.

A clinical study confirming the benefits of acupressure

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, acupressure effectively treats back pain in terms of lessening disability, pain scores, and boosting functional status. The study, which compared acupressure and physical therapy, confirms that acupressure, including the acupressure probe, was more effective in these areas immediately after the treatments and at the 6-month follow-up. Nevertheless, the result also shows that patients needed less medication to treat their chronic headaches, body ache, insomnia, and other health issues. As a result, it increases the ability to function effectively at work.

Benefits of acupressure probe

  • Improves your sex life

Acupressure can boost your endorphins, reduce the feelings of fatigue and lift your spirits for a better mood and attitude. For instance, if you are battling tiredness or feelings of low mood, use a body acupressure probe for an ultimate mood enhancing therapy. It works wonders to make you better at sex.

  • Eliminates the need for OTC drugs

Acupressure has been known for centuries as the best remedy for common ailments like headaches, sinusitis, and colds. The practice helps relieve pain and is useful, especially to treat headaches, drastically reducing your dependence on over-the-counter medicines.

  • Heals faster

Acupressure releases muscular tension, stimulates blood circulation, and enhances your body’s life force energy to aid fast healing. Therefore, if you are suffering from an illness, acupuncture will help you heal faster without going through expensive treatments that might lead to various side effects.

  • Promotes blood circulation

When you use the acupressure probe properly, it will promote your circulation of blood. As a result, the increase in blood flow helps all organs in the body to regenerate and perform optimally.

  • Tones facial muscles

Also known as cosmetic acupressure, this process helps to tone the muscles of the face, stimulate the blood flow, and aid in the production of collagen. Furthermore, all these types of actions are put together to help tone your face and reduce the signs of aging.

  • Relieves stress and anxiety

Acupressure therapy helps in stimulating the body’s circulation, lymphatic, and hormonal systems. As a result, it helps you relieve stress, anxiety, headache, and migraine.

Best way to use a body acupressure probe

You don’t need any professional skills, preparation, or experience to use the body acupressure probe. In addition, you must know that no power is needed as the best acupressure tools utilize the energy from the body and earth.

Here are some of the most effective steps to use a body acupressure probe

  1. Apply accurate pressure to revitalize the grounding meridian points.
  2. Move the energy from the earth to the body, and consequently, by focusing on the meridian points for extra effect.
  3. Electrically ground the body to diminish the stress cells to feel more refreshing.

Acupressure is the science of applying light pressure on certain areas of the body that are linked to various organs and muscles. This is where acupuncture can help. It not only unclogs those areas but also aids the body to function accurately.

The bottom line

The acupressure probes work incredibly by discarding the excessive voltage from your body. It presses the tension, stress, and headache relief pressure points and reduces different types of health issues with the acupressure devices. Nevertheless, the energy will revitalize and rejuvenate you whenever you use the probe.

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