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7 Options to Treat Chronic Back Pain Without Surgery

Back problems are prevalent across the globe. Seven out of 10 people will have acute back pain at some point in their lives, according to studies. People of any age group can experience constant backache, which may be persistent and dull or throbbing in nature. A back pain that lasts for 12 weeks or more is chronic. Over time, due to negligence, people with acute low back pain develop persistent symptoms of chronic back pain. With the best back pain treatments listed below, one can receive gradual relief and comfort. 


People with chronic back pain often experience constant discomfort due to the sharp stabbing pain coupled with a burning sensation. Due to its long-lasting nature, it hampers one’s physical activities and takes a toll on their overall health. One-tenth of the total population deals with chronic back pain. Chronic back pain is a result of several underlying causes.

  • Poor Posture 

Workspace and environment have an immense impact on one’s posture. Long hours at the table can lead to tightening of hip flexors and weakening of hamstrings. 

  • Arthritis 

Thinning of the cartilage found inside the spine during an extended course of time

  • Muscle Deconditioning

Muscle atrophy is one of the major causes of chronic back pain.

Having an inactive lifestyle and lack of exercising leads long term issues. Inactivity causes muscles to shrink, and they weaken over time. 

Lack of strength by the back muscles results in long-term wear and tear.

  • Traumatic Experiences 

Falls on ice, accidents, car crashes, and other stressful events can trigger long-term pain.

  • Aging and Genetics 

Changes in the body owing to age are unavoidable. With passing time, one loses the disc space and muscle strength.

  • Repetitive Everyday Activities. 

Same motion activities 

Driving for long hours, etc.

  • Spinal Stenosis 

Nerve pain due to narrowing of the spinal canal


One must follow a healthy lifestyle and do maximum movement for a healthy spine. Limited physical activity aids muscle deconditioning. Many people are hesitant in going for surgery Here are a few things mentioned that one can incorporate in their day-to-day life to avoid the hassle of undergoing surgery.  

Exercise and Physical Therapy 
  • Movement is one of the best natural remedies out there as it releases endorphins. 
  • Endorphins are beneficial as they help control pain by binding opioid receptors to the brain. 
  • Regular exercising promotes the strengthening of muscles and thereby curbing pain. 
  • Maintaining an optimum weight is also essential. An obese person is prone to experience chronic back pain due to increased spine pressure. 
  • A physical therapist will provide you with specially tailored exercises based on one’s needs. It can comprise aerobics, strength training, stretching and flexibility exercises, etc.
Lifestyle Changes and Anti-Inflammatory diet 
  • High levels of inflammation lead to chronic pain in some cases. 
  • Naproxen and Ibuprofen work wonderfully in some cases. 
  • Processed food with high amounts of sugar content spike inflammation. 
  • Foods like whole grains, leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, nuts, etc., help lower inflammation. 
  • Giving up smoking can prove beneficial as it delays the healing process. 
Better Posture
  • Changing posture can have a considerable impact.
  • Exercise correction programs can offer relief. 
Spinal Manipulation 
  • With the help of hands, chiropractic manipulation massage and stimulate the spine, which provides instant relaxation. 
  • One must resort to trained and licensed chiropractors to perform these treatments.
Injection-based Treatments
  • Excellent injection-based procedures like nerve blocks nerve ablations, epidural steroid injections, etc., are available. 
  • Though these injections are not viable long-term solutions, they provide instant relief and act as a quick fix.
  • Stress plays a significant role in worsening one’s back pain. A person is bound to tense his muscles under pressure. Social support can significantly benefit a person under stress.
  • With the right mindset and meditation, one can easily tackle depression, frustration, etc., with chronic back pain. 
  • A rehabilitation psychologist can assist and recommend the proper meditation, tai chi, yoga or other exercises that help in alleviating one’s pain. They also make you mentally strong and prevent you from focusing on pain.
Transcutaneous electrical; nerve stimulation and CBD oil 
  • In this process, one has to paste sticky electrode patches onto their back. As soon as one activates the device, it transfers electrical impulses to the electrodes, disrupting the pain signals. 
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are famous cannabinoids. CBD oil, which comes from marijuana plants, is useful for pain relief.
  • An ancient Chinese medicinal practice in relieving pain and restoring proper function. 
  • It works exceptionally well over the due course of time.

One can keep back pain at bay by making informed choices and incorporating minor lifestyle modifications. These are some of the most effective natural remedies that have been tried and tested.

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