Why You Should Wear Lehenga Choli For Wedding?

Why is a Lehenga Choli the Perfect Wedding Outfit?

The lehenga choli is a beautiful outfit that Indian women wear for many occasions.

The flowy skirts and glittery blouses entice women to swirl, making them one of the best choices for festivals and Indian weddings.

With a broad choice of colours, styles, sizes, and pricing, Kreeva is the best place to purchase for lehenga cholis online. There is something for everyone, according to the fundamental guiding idea.

Continue reading to find out about the most recent lehenga cholis on the market.

  • Effortless movement :

A lehenga choli helps you to wander around comfortably, whether you’re at your own wedding wear lehenga choli or a friend’s.

Because of the airy and flared style, there are no creases or wardrobe malfunctions when sitting or standing.

Furthermore, when you wear a light-weight lehenga choli, you will avoid the usual stuffiness associated with weddings.

  • Various designs to choose from :

Other styles of dress rarely provide a bridal wear lehenga with as many design, drape, and styling possibilities as the lehenga choli.

Depending on one’s preferences, a range of top lehenga choli dress styles are available, ranging from circular to mermaid-style cuts.

  • Experiment with different blouses :

You can experiment with your blouse and dupatta because a lehenga choli is very versatile. A contrasting or studded blouse can be worn with a lehenga without looking out of place.

What to Look for When Buying a Lehenga Choli


  • The Lehenga’s Cut :

Women can choose from a number of different cuts while purchasing for lehengas online. There are straight cuts, mermaid cuts, and the classic circle form to choose from.

  • Shape of the body:

Which cut or style of lehenga will look best on you is determined on your body type. If you have an apple body shape, for example, a circular cut is preferable to a mermaid cut, which looks best on hourglass shapes.

  • Colour :

The colour of your lehenga and the tone of your skin should be complementary.
As a result, choose the right colour for your lehenga choli might help you seem better.
You can choose dark or neutral tones if you have a fair complexion, for example.
Dusky and dark-skinned ladies, on the other hand, look excellent in warmer colours and gentler tones.

● Embroidery :

What are the many varieties of bridal lehenga cholis available?


  • The floral story has stood the test of time

Floral lehengas are suitable for both day and nighttime activities. Flowers may add a soothing touch to a hot atmosphere such as India’s.

Flowers, which are connected with happiness, joy, and hope, are attractive no matter where the celebration is place. Blue, yellow, orange, pink, and other colours are available in floral lehenga choli gowns.

Depending on your tastes and body form, you can pick between large and small flowers.

On the internet, you can find a plethora of floral hairstyles and flowery lehengas. The colour of your outfit can be coordinated with the flowers you choose.

Contrast, on the other hand, can be employed to give a fresh feel.

Red is a must-have for any bride’s lehenga

Do you want to look stunning in a wedding lehenga choli? Then why not opt for a timeless red piece? Depending on the season, you can choose from a range of textiles.

Georgette is a terrific option for a summer wedding, while raw silk lehengas are gorgeous in the winter.

You are also no longer restricted to a simplistic design. Make your D-Day one-of-a-kind by putting yourself in the spotlight.

You can choose between a lehenga with light sequins and a lehenga with a lot of embroidery. The gold and crimson contrast is beautiful.

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Consider a soft pink lehenga

Kreeva sells a low-cost bridal lehenga online. You may achieve the same light, airy appearance as she does.

Make your hair look like a Bollywood bride by adding identical pink blooms. Blue jewellery or a blue lining could be used to provide some diversity to the ensemble.

A gorgeous mix of baby pink and light blue is ideal for ensuring that no one steals your thunder. Your designer lehenga choli will be delivered in only a few clicks and taps!

Over my shimmer, I couldn’t hear you!

Do you have a thing for gleaming things? Although not all that glitters is gold, you are undeniably more valuable. Sequin sarees and lehenga cholis for women are really fashionable right now.

From famous actors to online bloggers, they’re all wearing them. Red-yellow, green-pink, and orange-silver are examples of vibrant colour combinations.

A classic rose gold piece or a silver suit that glows from head to toe are other options. Keep in mind that if you aggressively accessorise with sparkly lehengas, you’ll wind up appearing OTT (over the top)! To keep the look elegant, keep the makeup and jewellery to a minimum.

Allow your clothes to do the talking.

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