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Why Should You Visit Quirino Province This Holiday Season?

Away from the bustling streets of Manila lies a hidden paradise. Take a break from luxury resorts and pristine beaches, and indulge in the provincial ambiance that fills the peace you need from busy streets. Quirino province offers action-packed outdoor activities and cheap accommodation for all its visitors. 

Quirino is a landlocked province of the Philippines’ Luzon Island group, located in the northeast. It is bordered on the north by Isabela, Aurora by the east, and Nueva Vizcaya on the west. The province of Quirino is composed of six municipalities, and it was once a sub-province of Nueva Vizcaya. Fun fact! The province is officially named after the former Philippine President Elpidio Quirino.

Aglipay Caves and Campsites

Aglipay has 38 caverns, 7 of which are tourist attractions. These interconnected caverns are around 20 meters deep. And it has a beautiful stalagmite and stalactite creation that will leave you speechless. You may swim in its subterranean springs with the aid of skilled tour operators, surrounded by hills and bright trees. Camping and other outdoor activities give additional opportunities to interact with nature.

Diamond Cave

The Diamond cave in the municipality of Nagtipunan, filled with “sparkling” cave formations, offers one of the greatest spelunking experiences in the Philippines. Beginners and inexperienced spelunkers will enjoy the exploration experience. You may photograph the cave system’s sparkling stalactite and stalagmite columns with the aid of your tour guide. You may continue your cave trip with a hiking excursion and complete the tour by diving into a natural pool. The well-preserved Diamond Cave should be on your bucket list if you enjoy uncovering hidden jewels.

Siitan Nature’s Park

Did you know that “Siit” in Ilocano means fishbone?

If not, you might as well guess why the place is called Siitan. That’s right, this part of the Cagayan River is named after its abundance of fish. You can ride a native kayak and experience a lot of marine life in the area. 

Aside from the river tubing activities, you can explore the caves and cliff dives and relax in front of the Bimmapor Rock Formation. To add to the experience, you can listen to the tunes of wild birds living on the forested river banks. 

Governor’s Rapids and Maddela Eco-Tourism Park 

They say that you haven’t truly experienced the province if you did not ride the rapids of the Cagayan River. 

The tour begins at the massive limestone structures that provide a haven for conquerors of the Cagayan River’s furious rapids. Smooth waves and wild rapids will make you scream at the top of your lungs, much as on a rollercoaster!

Along with the experience comes stopovers where you can swim, cliff jump, and explore shallow cave pools. After the adrenaline rush from the rapids, you can explore the seven-staged waterfalls in Maddela Eco-tourism park. It will only take you a short trek to reach the falls, and it will be a perfect opportunity to relax with nature. Also, you can swim and have a picnic in its crystal pools. 

Quirino Watersports Complex

Within the Provincial Capitol building lies the Quirino Watersports Complex. It has the potential to become a future hub for wakeboarding events. The world-class water playground has a beautiful pavilion, a hilltop infinity pool surrounded by flora, a wakeboarding and winch park, and a scenic pavilion and a hilltop infinity pool suitable for Instagram, special events, and photo/video projects.

Falls in Quirino

Dipping in the refreshing waters in Quirino is one of the ways you can get rid of the summer heat! 

Pensal Falls

Located at San Benigno, Aglipay, these waterfalls stack three tiers high with a nice rock formation suitable for cliff jumping for adrenaline junkies. If cliff jumping is not for you, Pensal Falls never fails to make up for the lack of activities you can enjoy. It has multiple layers of refreshing spring pools that can relax your stiff muscles from your trek. 

Mabo Falls

Mabo falls may be perfect for your journey if you want to chase waterfalls. The high falls, measured at approximately 150 meters high, are located in the middle of the forest, essentially making it a paradise. Getting here might be exhausting, so better prepare some trail snacks to fuel your trekking adventure. 

Ganano Falls

One of the rising tourist attractions in Quirino, this towering waterfall is approximately 80 meters in height and is surrounded by stone formations, forests, and fish sanctuary creeks. Along with the trekking journey, you can occasionally see exotic birds inhabiting the forest. 

Batumbaket Rocktower

Complementing Ganano Falls, the Batumbaket falls, also known as rock towers, reach about 200 feet up into the sky. The surrounding forest preserves exotic flora and fauna because it is a remote tourist spot in the Quirino province. Of course, remember to leave only memories and not trash to maintain the pristine environment. 

Experience Quirino Festivities

Quirino has a diverse profile of indigenous people and tribal groups that showcase their history to visitors. The province presents its youthful celebrations and vibrant festivities with colorful decorations that assemble every Quirinian and invites local and international tourists. 

Panagdadapun Festival

The yearly festival of Quirino Province is known as “PANAGDADAPUN FESTIVAL,” an Ilocano term that means “assembly” or “gathering of all Quirinian.” The grand procession, which many agencies around the province sponsored, and the confluence of all tribes via street dancing reflecting the province’s various cultures and histories, highlight this yearly festival. 

Paskuhan sa Quirino

“Paskuhan sa Quirino” is a month-long Christmas variety market in the Cagayan Valley Region, one of the most anticipated Yuletide celebrations. The exhibition, which takes place in the Quirino Sports Complex in Cabarroguis, showcases local artisan, culture, and tourism attractions from the province’s six municipalities.

Penenkakasisit Festival 

Penenkakasisit Festival commemorates the establishment of the municipality, but it also honors the coming together of all of the town’s tribes and cultures in the spirit of collaboration and friendliness. It has indigenous tribes known as “Ilongots,” who are the area’s original cultural communities/or the province’s initial inhabitants.

Pagay-Pagay Festival

The Pagay-Pagay Festival honors the palay farmers of Saguday for their hard work, patience, and devotion in realizing their collective goal of making Saguday the province’s rice granary.

Panagsasalog Festival 

The Panagsasalog Festival dramatizes Quirino’s highlanders’ traditional practice of leaving their houses at daybreak to farm in the lowlands, where they work all day until dark. It depicts how the town’s citizens perform community events and express their thankfulness to the Almighty for a plentiful crop.

Ginnamuluan Festival

The Ginnamuluan Festival celebrates all Filipinos’ great qualities, attributes, and values. Cabarroguis celebrates it every year on the 19th and 21st of June.

Pammadayaw Festival (Province of Diffun)

Pammadayaw Festival celebrates enlightened government, public service, and people empowerment via song and dance to represent the town’s civic spirit. It also motivates important changes in agriculture, health, and the environment. 

Panagsalukag Festival 

The Panagsalukag Festival honors the Aglipayanos’ hard labor and industry by celebrating their custom of waking early in the morning, working on the farm, and returning home at sunset.

Key Takeaway

Quirino Province holds a complete package of fun activities and festivities that every tourist would like. This blog is not enough to list all the things you can do in Quirino while on vacation. The Forest Heartland of Cagayan Valley can be the best alternative for your holiday trips if you take a break from beaches and resorts. Experience the tranquility and peace you can only find in Quirino. 

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