Why Should You Shift To Non-Toxic Nail Polish?

Do you know nail polish has a direct effect on your health? Our nails are as sensitive as our skin and body and can be damaged if harsh chemicals and toxins are used. Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the harmful ingredients used in beauty products and are inclined toward making a sustainable shift. The need to find safer alternatives in the beauty industry has significantly increased. But some brands have a mission to manufacture clean and non toxic nail polish, which is a safer and better product. This blog post will tell you about the reasons to shift to non-toxic nail polish and our three favorite nail paint brands that make clean nail polish.   

Traditional nail polish has toxic chemical ingredients that can be harsh on our nails. They undoubtedly give a bright and long-lasting finish, but this can be done with safer alternatives too. So let’s see what precisely non-toxic nail polish is?   

What is non-toxic nail polish? 

Most conventional nail polish is made with toxic chemicals that have harmful ingredients and negatively affect our bodies. The ingredients are toxic, but that is not the only case. They release fumes that create health risks. You might have experienced fumes in the salon; they are present because of the heavy chemicals used in nail polish. Non-toxic nail polish brands try to eliminate the toxic ingredients in their products. It is challenging to make 100% chemical-free and natural nail polish, but few brands try to keep the harmful chemicals at a minimum. So, as a customer, you get nonv toxic nail polish and healthy nails to flaunt.  

Ingredients that you should completely avoid in nail polish are: 

 The five ingredients listed below are the most harmful in nail polish, and these are found in almost all nail paint products.   

 Camphor- This is a lab-created harmful ingredient that can cause liver damage if absorbed into the skin.   

 Toluene- This ingredient is derived from petroleum or coal tar and keeps the nail polish smooth. If this ingredient gets absorbed in the skin, it can cause anemia, liver and kidney damage, and decrease the blood count of the cells.  

 Formaldehyde Resin- This ingredient is derived from Formaldehyde and keeps the nail polish smooth. However, it is a cancer-causing agent and can also cause other allergies.   

 Formaldehyde- This ingredient keeps the nail paint fresh for extended periods and keeps it strong. It is used as a preservative, but it is a harmful chemical and can cause negative effects on the body.   

 Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)- This harmful ingredient keeps the nail polish less brittle and is responsible for creating reproductive problems in the body.    

Some other harmful ingredients to check out are parabens, ethyl, xylene, and triphenyl phosphate. Ethyl is the most toxic among these, because it harms not only the skin but also the environment as it stays around, almost forever. 

Our 3 favorite non-toxic nail paint brands that you can trust are:  


This nail polish brand is vegan, cruelty-free, and free from 10 toxic ingredients, i.e., 10-Free. They took a year to make this nail polish brand clean, while still giving long-lasting and shiny colors. You can apply the nail polish flawlessly with its vibrant colors and ultra-pigmented formula. Their nail paint comes in a cute rectangle-shaped bottle with a comfortable grip.   

Habit Cosmetics-   

Their nail polish is vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free, and sustainably packed. In addition, they give 1% to the planet whenever we purchase a product from them. This clean makeup line of nail polish is one of the finest nail paints that you will have.   


This is a vegan and cruelty-free nail polish brand. Their vision was to make a high-end product yet give it a sustainable touch. The founders named their brand Ella+Mia after their twin daughters’ names. Their nail polishes have a smooth application, stay on nails for a long time and give an excellent finish. 

Final Thoughts-  

So here are all the reasons not to go for conventional toxic nail polish because of the harmful ingredients and their negative effect on the skin and body. If sustainable options are available, what’s stopping you from making the switch to non-toxic nail polish? Let us know in the comments.   

If you wish to read more about such topics as toxic ingredients in our beauty products and sustainable brands, head on to GoodGuilt’s website. GoodGuilt aims to feature brands that work towards making the planet a better place to live and care about humans. 

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